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Quick Guide to Apple Watch Apps for Foodies

With the latest Apple device out on the market, it’s time to explore all that it can do. For all those “foodies” out there who are looking for help cooking at home or enjoying a night out, these helpful apps are here to make life easier for you. Beautiful recipes and popular restaurants are all at the touch of your finger.

Open Table

OpenTable Glance can remind you of your upcoming reservations and provide directions to getting there. This app will also remind you kindly exactly how late you’re running for your reservation. At the accessibility of your wrist, you will never miss a reservation to your favorite Italian restaurant in Oakland or the newest fondue bistro in San Francisco.


Wherever you are, you can find a place to eat with the Yelp app on your Apple Watch. With customer ratings, business categories, price ranges, hours of operation, and distance from your location all at your fingertips, this is the must have app to carry around on your wrist. Whether you’re touring around San Francisco or exploring the East Bay, you can carry all you need to know about all the local businesses around you wherever you go.


Get creative with Yummly! Find some cooking inspiration at the convenience of your wrist. Search through a personalized recommendation feed that will provide suggestions based on your preferences, the time of day and day of the week, the season, and the location. You can even search recipes with your voice through Apple Watch’s Siri. Once you’ve picked your recipe, head to the grocery store with a shopping list on your wrist!

Green Kitchen

With Green Kitchen, you can browse through healthy and nutritious recipes and images available on your wrist. Once you’ve selected a recipe, you can display it to your iPhone to view the full list of instructions. Whenever there is a time requirement, simply tap your iPhone to start a timer on your Apple Watch that will alert you when it’s time for the next step. The smart timer can even announce when it is time to notice a change, such as “Your quinoa should have little tails by now.”


The new Foursquare app for the Apple Watch will give you insider information to enjoying your current location. With a quick Glance view feature, you’ll get helpful tips about where you are, including new restaurants and popular spots. Search for places and learn about the ratings, whereabouts, and tips to guarantee a wonderful experience.


This handy app will assist you and all your cooking needs, despite your previous kitchen experience. Instead of attempting to produce complicated recipes and meals, Epicurious will help you with normal cooking tasks such as cooking broccoli or chicken. With the Smart Timer feature, your Apple Watch will tell you when to flip a steak or how long to boil your vegetables. Also be sure to check out the Epicurious Recipe Box and Shopping List for your iPhone.


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