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Best Designed Bars in the Bay Area

Who doesn’t love a couple of beers with friends, or a nice cocktail after a long day at the office? Of course, it helps for your surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing. So when you are in the mood, check out some of the best designed bars in the Bay Area!

Plank Oakland

If you’d like to unleash your inner child, while enjoying some adult beverages, then Plank is the place for you. The place is fully equipped with an indoor bar, a menu that far surpasses average bar food, an indoor arcade, bowling lanes, and outdoors a beer garden that has been proclaimed the longest bar in Oakland, bocce ball courts, and even a giant jenga set! With all this going on, you’d expect the design to be kind of cheesy, like say, a Chuck E Cheese, but that is quite the opposite! In doors it is sleek and modern, especially the private boardroom you can rent for your next company gathering, with  large screen tv and small bowling lanes, and even a Bay View up top! Outdoors, you’ve got the scenic view of the Jack London Square Marina! The layout, the design, and the overall atmosphere is definitely a place to check out soon, so head on over to 98 Broadway and see for yourself, or for more information go to

The Brixton

Your new go-to gastropub in the trendy Marina district of San Francisco should be The Brixton, if not for the cuisine and their own blend of bourbon, Four Roses, but then for the decor alone! The rich dark tones serve as the perfect complement to their drinks and food. The aesthetic gives off an old meets new vibe, which is very representative of the city of San Francisco itself. Find the Brixton when you are in the neighborhood at 2140 Union Street or at to make a reservation, or check out their awesome menu and photo gallery.

Hog’s Apothecary

Located in the up and coming, hip Temescal neighborhood is Hog’s Apothecary. True to its name, there are lots of great pork-centric dishes to go with your beer, and they sure do have many beers to choose from, with a beer list that’s one of the longest around from local micro-breweries. And the venue is just as revitalized as the neighborhood has become! The decor is minimalist, yet sleek and chic. Right above the beer taps all aligned, reads a giant chalkboard with quotes about beer on it! Next to the bar, are long communal tables, giving it a true modern beer hall feel. To visit Hog’s Apothecary go to 375 40th Street in Oakland, or visit for their daily beer selections.


The Chapel
The Chapel

If you are attending a concert at the music venue, don’t forget to stop by The Chapel bar for great drinks and equally great design, and it’s also open to the neighborhood as well! The name is fitting too, because it looks like, well, a chapel. Stained glass and all! Although the whole space is beautiful, the real place to be is on the second floor balcony. After all, aren’t balconies always the best? Its located at 777 Valencia Street, just a short walk from the 16th and Mission Bart Station. Go to their website to see a schedule of their shows at

Free House
Free House

Nestled right next to the UC Berkeley campus is Free House. The Outdoor facade may look like an old stately home, and is reminiscent of an Old Greek Row House, the indoor is a little bit more House Gryffindor, yes this place looks like its straight out of a Harry Potter movie! The indoor is quite a site to see, and they’ve got a wide variety of beers on tap, and top shelf liquors to chose from.


If you’ve never been to San Francisco’s Japan Town, you should strongly consider it. And what are two things that Japan is known for, Karaoke and Sake! Pandora Karaoke is a strictly 21 plus Karaoke Bar on 1777 Eddy Street. There is a modern,  lounge and bar that is open for all, but for the real fun, you’d want to rent a private room for you and your friends. That way, you won’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself drunkenly singing off key in front of strangers, but rather, in front of the private company of friends. Just make sure they don’t record you and post it on social media. Each room is designed to a theme, of either a brand of alcohol like Maker’s Mark, Grey Goose, or Blue Moon, or SF teams like Giants and the Forty Niners. This place is designed to give your the VIP treatment!

Mikkler Bar

Mikkler Bar is like a little taste of Europe in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. It has the sleek, modern, Scandinavian design we think of when we imagine what a trendy bar in Europe might look like, and that’s because it is the USA outpost of a Danish Beer Hall. The exposed brick and the long wooden bar create the ambiance. They’ve even got a separate room for tasting sour beers upstairs. Find them at 34 Mason Street!

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