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Call Forwarding

Ever missed an important business call because you were out of the office? Or needed to run an errand but didn’t want to leave the office phone unattended? Call forwarding is innovating the business space, as you can now take a business call anywhere anytime. Call forwarding allows you to stay connected while you’re traveling or out of the office and gives your business flexibility in how to manage incoming calls.Call-Forwarding-Business-Technology

What is Call Forwarding?

Call Forwarding is a call diversion feature that redirects calls from one number to a different number as scheduled by the phone owner. This can mean redirecting your business landline to your mobile phone, or your mobile phone to your business landline. It gives you the freedom to manage your phone calls and direct them to where someone is available or where a voice mailbox can receive their message. Call forwarding is available on most phones, and now has expanded into the technology platform space with innovative companies taking control of professional call forwarding.

Telephone Provider Call Forwarding

In the most basic form, you can activate call forwarding through your telephone provider. Telephone providers such as Verizon Wireless (, AT&T ( , etc. provide call forwarding to customers in a standard way. To activate call forwarding all you must do is dial *72 and then enter the number you wish to forward the calls to. It may also be turned off by dialing *73. This is the most basic form of call forwarding and can provide support in a less demanding space. There are also specific call forwarding platforms that provide customer support and premium features to businesses looking to utilize this technology.

 Call Forwarding Platforms

There are many call forwarding applications that are available for purchase. One company, eVoice ( provides a 30-day trial period and allows customers to test their call-forwarding platform before paying any money. eVoice (888-897-8041) also has call transfer, caller id, and call routing technologies available for your disposal. Google Voice ( also provides a call forwarding service, as well as, voicemail services, messaging, and international calls. Google Voice offers these services free of charge domestically. Grasshopper ( is a another popular call forwarding service. Grasshopper is a virtual business phone system that allows you to pick a number for your business, record a custom main greeting, add departments and employees, and get calls, voicemails, and faxes anywhere. Grasshopper ((800) 279-1455) has a specific pricing plan for the features selected, but provides customer support and premium aspects to a call-forwarding plan. This service allows your business to operate anywhere, anytime by allowing multiple team members to remain on the grid at all times.


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