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Advisor Program – Maintenance Package

This package is for only clients who have previously completed a comprehensive consulting program with us and includes ongoing strategic advisory, partnership development and support services. Typically includes once a month check-in meetings to review all aspects of the business and offer insights and feedback on current and long-term business operations, marketing, sales, business development, partnerships and more.

The advisory services agreement and ongoing Client financial investment allows David Mitroff Ph.D. to specifically set aside time and resources to continually assist client with introductions to vendors, strategic partners and more to make sure the client’s business objectives are surpassed each month. Being on a paid maintenance plan with us allows for you and your company to be top of mind and for us to be able to bring solutions and introductions to you on an ongoing consistent basis. We are proud to have most of our previous consulting clients on this plan because of the previous results and ongoing current value we provide.

All advisory clients are invited to attend any of our events, bootcamps, workshops and are introduced to others as our client to quicker facilitate new business and partnership opportunities. Clients in this package are often listed as sponsors or asked to be part of panels at larger events that fit with the Clients marketing and business outreach efforts.


  • Brief Assessment with immediate call to actions
  • Full Assessment with comprehensive strategic plan
  • Ongoing strategic advisory, partnership development and support services
  • Once a month check-in meetings
  • Exclusive invites to all Bay Area events, workshops and bootcamps hosted by Piedmont Ave Consulting and Walnut Creek Events
  • When Client is under retainer by Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Client will receive discounts on additional services

Duration: Ongoing

Recommended for: Clients who have previously completed a comprehensive consulting program with us.

Summary of Piedmont Avenue Services

  • Business Development Consulting
  • Customer Experience; Loyalty Marketing Programs
  • Brand Awareness and Positioning
  • Business & Sales Strategy
  • Internet Social Media Marketing
  • Website and Internet Marketing Optimization
  • Managed Marketing and Email Services
  • Creative Front of Mind Customer Interactions
  • Streamlining Operations; Technology Integrations

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