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“5 Things Preventing You From Being Transparent”


Don’t let missed opportunities to problem-solve affect your leadership. David Mitroff, Ph.D., shares his perspective with Entrepreneur about being transparent in the workplace:

“When something bad happens, like a dip in profits, instead of hiding the information from employees, approach it as an opportunity for the team to get creative. “My philosophy for my employees and my clients is to have open and effective communication. Whether it’s a potential problem, a concern or a question, all these things can be best solved when shared with the rest of the team,” pointed out David Mitroff, founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting in Oakland, Calif.

This reframes any problems as opportunities, making them seem less ominous to leaders and employees. Plus, it allows everyone to be involved in the solution, making employees feel important and indispensable.”

A  survey of 1,000 employees conducted in December 2016 found that 64 percent of their respondents felt that their company’s leadership was not transparent in communicating top goals.

Withholding Details

Leaders usually keep most information from their employees because they have the mentality that some details are not important. For example, some might withhold information from a specific team because its regarding another department. Other instances, details about decisions made or empirically how well your company is performing or often regarded as issues that employers assume aren’t interesting or mandatory to share.

Ambiguous goals and expectations

One of the biggest reasons for lack of transparency in the work place is giving unclear objectives and guidelines to your employees. A Gallup survey from September 2015 observed 550 companies with over 2.2 million employees. 50 percent of the employees said they understood what their employer expects from them while the other 50 percent said they make assumptions and guess. A solution to this alarming amount of uncertainty is to check-in with your employees often.  There needs to be frequent conversations about old and new goals for both the company and the employee

Every organization need to prioritize transparent communication to improve productivity and to better achieve a company’s goals. There are huge benefits from being transparent between your leadership and team that can help foster more growth for your business.

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