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Google Apps For Business Best Features

Google Apps is a suite of Google Applications that are utilized by business. It is a cost efficient alternative to the Microsoft suite. Google has both pay and free versions. The standard pay version is $50 per year per user. For those who are not familiar with Google Apps, we have broken it down to 8 amazing features.

1. User Accounts and Storage: Google Apps impressively allows the creation of up to 200 user accounts with 25 GB email storage per employee. 10 with the free version.

2. Gmail: This web based email system is spam and virus protected, organizes email by thread, is able to sync with smart phones, and contains instant message and video chat.

3. Google Calendars: This system creates, shares, and sends reminders of events. Also all Google Apps users can view a calendar displaying others’ events.

4. Google Docs: This allows you to access documents online, collaborate on documents in real time, share documents, and view past drafts.

5. Support and Security: Google Apps provides 24/7 phone and email customer support. Also, Google Apps has achieved certification for FISMA (Federal Information Security Act). The highest level of security is not included in the free version, however the free version is extremely secure.

6. Customizable: You are allowed to customize Google Apps so that the applications are tailored for your business needs.

7. Integration: All of the Google Applications work with each other. Thus, making employee training of the application suite simple.

8. Accessibility: Google Apps is based online, so you can access your work information anywhere. Also the applications sync with smart phones, making it even easier to get work done while on the go.

Overall, Google Apps is a great application suite option that is definitely worth checking out.

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