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Google Express: What Is It & How Is It Changing Shopping Habits?


Google Express is a new platform for online shopping that offers same day or overnight
delivery from local retailers. It has a member-exclusive offer of free delivery upon a $15
purchase on qualified items. For new members, there is a three month trial for this same offer.

When first getting on the Google Express site, there is a pop-up window with the slogan,
“Shop your local stores, get it delivered today.” Below you’ll be asked to provide your delivery zip code—matching shoppers with their local pool of eligible purchases. After selecting the zipcode in which you’d like to shop from and have the purchases be delivered to, there is a homepage with organized categories and different stores for shoppers to choose from. If you click any category, such as Apparel & Accessories, the items are diversified. A shoe from that category canbe from Target, while a handbag can be from Kohl’s—optimizing customer loyalty with different brands.

Already partnered with big-name brands such as Target, Costco, Walgreens, and Kohl’s,
Google Express looks to transition from having regular paying customers to regular paying and subscribing members. Their subscription offer is now $10/month, or $95/year. Their same-day delivery also reaches 7 million people across the U.S., and 12 million for overnight deliveries. Bay Area customers over 21 may even order alcohol through this service (San Francisco, The Peninsula and San Jose, Northern California, West LA, Manhattan, etc.).

Google Express is therefore gradually progressing in tandem with Amazon Prime, a
service most would think is not a direct competitor to Google. However, Google has stated that Amazon is its main search competitor. Searching online for something to buy has surpassed searching online for other educational or miscellaneous reasons.

With online shopping, as a type of customer service, increasing in popularity, it begins to
highlight several aspects about our consumer nation. We want things and we want them fast. Shoppers willing to invest in fast delivery services asserts that working men and women are also getting busier with their daily lives, especially San Francisco-Bay Area residents in which Google Express is has greatly concentrated on.


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