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Harvard Business Review  

The Harvard Business Review is a leading publication that publishes content about smart management from leading experts. While the targeted audience are global leaders, the general public can also apply or take into consideration the various concepts that these leading experts recommend in areas such as marketing, consulting, finance, and operations.

The Harvard Business Review is published by Harvard Business Publishing, a subsidiary of Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The HBR started in 1922 as a student publication for the Harvard Business School with an in-depth economic focus.  However, after World War II, the HBR began to focus on the management tactics used by the leading corporations such as the infamous, General Motors.

As the decades went on, the magazine began to target a wider range of individuals. The focus was more on research and academic works, while encompassing topics that are relevant to society and modern times.

The magazine is published ten times a year.  The latest issue is titled “Inspire Your Salesforce: What really motivates salespeople” for April 2015, featuring articles such as “How to Really Motivate Salespeople” and “Leadership Lessons from Great Family Businesses.” Various celebrated scholars and experts have published their work on the Harvard Business Review, such as Clayton Christensen, Robert Kaplan, and Gary Hamel. The HBR’s content is available in 11 languages in addition to English.

The Harvard Business Review includes useful articles as well as books, digital content and other tools on the website. The topics are relevant to business but can also be useful for any industry or practice: including; leadership, strategy and managing people.

When visiting Harvard Business Review website and reading through the various online available articles, most visitors will notice that the information varies in degree.  Most recently they published an article titled “Why Strong Customer Relationships Trump Powerful Brands” by Christof Binder and Dominique M. Hanssens.  A pretty good article for marketing and consulting here in the Bay Area.   It is a plus for small businesses who thrive mainly on the great customer service they provide and the relationships that come from that great service.  If you provide great service and that customer continues to return, then your business has developed a relationship with these customers.  A great marketing approach!

Anyone who wants to grow in management and desires to maximize excellence should consider reading the Harvard Business Review for the latest developments and revolutions.

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