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Hiring a Chef for Your Restaurant

When hiring an experienced chef, accommodating to their personal style and ego could be hard to deal with. A new chef, especially with the title “Executive Chef”, will be excited to have their individuality to shine.

The number one important quality for a chef to have is to be able to adaptable. Challenges of being part of a restaurant includes dealing with the demands of the business, customer feedback, cost of food, and to stay professional. Being a chef is an art for some, and personal feelings can get involved to cause conflict

Hire Chef for Restaurant

A common situation to consider is when the restaurant owner prefers to keep certain past dishes that work well because they helped develop regular customers. These decisions need to be discussed when hiring a new chef, including the terms that need to be agreed on. A suggestion would be to have it written in print, so there are no problems in the future.

At the same time, the newly hired chef needs to be creative and bring a lot of their own ideas to the table. They should be given a good amount of freedom to explore and develop their own style. A balance between these two conflicts can be determined through their experience, talking with their former e.mployers, type of culinary education, and most of all their character- all of which can be revealed through the interview process.

A list of important qualifications and traits to consider are:


– Experience

– Adaptability

– Confidence

– Leadership

– Communication


If a balance can be found between these important traits a chef can be a good hire.

Is there any direct benefit from hiring a culinary grad?

It’s not a priority.  Experience is far more important – if a chef has had formal education it is how they use that knowledge through years of experience that is important.  All the formal training goes out the window when a dining room is full and slammed.  It’s the experience that gets the kitchen through the rough moments.

Chefs can help a restaurant business flourish

If a restaurant is hiring a chef for a newly built or branded restaurant, the more responsibility you give them the better.  Making them a part of the restaurant development process, kitchen design, kitchen staff hiring, or even give them shares of the business or goal to try and achieve, because newly opened restaurants can be rough; extra incentive will keep them from walking when times gets difficult, such as slow periods after initial opening- or extremely busy nights with new unfamiliar staff. Make your chef feel more like a part of the team rather than a hire, and your restaurant business and operations will benefit.

Looking to hire a chef for your restaurant?

Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. works with many restaurants in the Bay Area and beyond. Call at 510-761-5895 to schedule a free consultation with Restaurant Expert David Mitroff, and we’ll help you go through this process of creating and growing your restaurant business.

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