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Holiday Party for Lead & Partnership Conversion

Think of marketing like a funnel. Customers start at one end of a funnel, not fully aware of all the available products and services in the market. To attract these customers, companies can generate leads that will help to spread awareness about the company’s culture, products, and services. Increasing leads produces more inquiries and interest for the company’s goods or services. The more leads a company develops, the more partnership conversion a company will have. In the same way, companies must market to their employees too. To reach the company’s partnership conversion goal, it is important for a company to consider hosting a holiday party.


What does a holiday party have to do with generating leads and partnership conversion? Due to the rise of the importance of strong company culture, start-ups to large scale businesses have shifted their focus in recent years to this new phenomenon. They have realized how important holiday parties can be for the morale of a company. The end-of-the-year holiday season is a busy and stressful time for many. Hectic schedules, endless errands, and impatient tempers fill the sweet, crisp, winter air. This is a time when employees would rather leave work early and go home for family time rather than stay late at work for holiday parties and socializing. Holiday parties are typically something that employees are not looking forward to. But it is something that companies should highly consider. Holiday parties not only serve as a means for improving company morale and platforms for advertising of the company, but they also as a means for partnership conversion.

Holiday parties generate leads in various ways. A successful holiday party can do great things for a company. It can bring company morale up and leave people feeling satisfied with their work. At the holiday party, a manager can acknowledge the achievements of employees by presenting awards, or some sort of encouragement. Not only do holiday parties make employees feel good about the work they do, but holiday parties also encourage employees to engage with other employees they normally would not have otherwise. It gives employees a chance to learn more about the company and its various sectors from talking to other employees. And employees who enjoy their time at the holiday party are likely to serve as advocates for the company, spreading their positive anecdotes and opinions with others, such as family members, potential new candidates or even the news media. Positive word-of-mouth anecdotes serve as one of the most effective ways for a company to build a respectable reputation.

In the end, the purpose of a holiday party is not to continue to talk about business. It is not meant to be a time to talk about next week’s conferences or future projections, but if it is a starting point, it should not be disallowed either. The holiday party is a time for employees to get to know each other personally, meeting each other’s family members and friends and to develop good relationships with one another. And without knowing it, this may become a very effective method for lead generation for a company.

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