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How Technology Has Changed Project Management

With the rise of tech, we’re seeing that it’s not just an industry, but a potential catalyst and tool in our lives to get stuff done.

Internal task management: Wunderlist

Take out the lists in your life and put them all on Wunderlist. With sharing features, folders, due dates and cross-application access, Wunderlist ensures you never forget to do anything again.

Multitasking: Base Camp

Basecamp is your notebook, planner and secretary all in one minimal design. Assign tasks and check up on them throughout all on the same browser. By taking out the middleman and middle step, you’re able to see at a glance what page everyone’s on.

Communication: Slack

With easy access to private chats and group chats organized by topics, Slack makes it easy to separate work and play. Create a “#food” channel where you and your coworkers can decide what to eat or a “#project” channel for project-centered chat. With a free lite plan or paid plans – the cheapest one being $6.67 per user per month, you get native apps for iOS, Apple and Android, a searchable archive and file sharing for all plans.


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