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How to Find the Perfect Internship

If you are a college student, just entering the work force, or possibly even looking to change your career path, finding the right internship will be the perfect resume booster in terms of experience, networking and all around professionalism. The perfect internship will give you hands on skills in an applicable field to your career goals and contacts in the industry. It may seem that only the lucky people with pre existing connections, or Ivy League degrees can find good internships, but there are ways that everyone and anyone can succeed in finding the perfect internship.

Use all the social media resources you can. Tweet to your followers and Facebook friends that you are looking for work, and the results may surprise you! Of course, the most important social media profile is LinkedIn. You want your profile to be up to date, honest, yet impressive with a high resolution, flattering, current picture. This is the one opportunity you have to endlessly talk yourself up, and list more than a resume will permit, when it comes to experience and really get to describe every task you did at your previous jobs. You can also use Linked In directly to search for internships and filter your results to your field and geographic location.

However, LinkedIn isn’t your online job search resource. Scour websites like Intern Match, Velvet Jobs, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter for best results. These sites have the widest variety of internships available, and of higher quality than places like Craigsist. You can also filter for your location and field for optimum results in finding the perfect internship.

If you are a college student, your University probably has a career center which is an extremely valuable resource in your internship search. There you can get free resume and cover letter critiques and advice to make sure you are marketing yourself in the best possible way. The career center website has a large database of jobs and internships to apply for that are definitely worth a shot. Do not be afraid to jump outside your comfort zone, since there are many opportunities out there! you’ll see, how the perfect internship is just one click away.

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