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How to Use Social Media to Promote Events

There are endless ways to use social media to promote your events and keep in touch with the attendees.

Where to start? 

To begin, you will need to create a marketing plan. The use of a marketing plan is to eliminate any confusion and to make sure that you always stay on the right track to reach the goal of your events.

What can you do through social media?

Provide Updated Information About the Event

Keep people updated with the latest news regarding your event, last minute changes, or general information that includes addresses, time/date, parking information and other things related to the event.

Engage the Attendees of the Event

This can be done through creating countdowns to the event, promotions, quick links to the official website, allowing attendees to share photos, posting statuses with special hashtag (#), and other elements that we can be benefited from social media. You can also create competitions/ raffles with prizes or other types of compensation.

Make use of YouTube videos

Create an enticing video that people will share. You can post the teaser of your next event, any videos from past events, or even testimonials from people to capture the interest of those you wish to attend. Do not forget to make sure that your video is high- quality with excellent images, a clear voice and a catchy introduction.

Share, Share and Share! 

Create custom social share buttons on your site to allow as many people as possible to share your event. Social share buttons consist of several sharing alternatives, including Like and Share from Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media, as well as Tweet from Twitter. These methods have been proven as a great way to drive traffic back to your promotional page.

Utilize Hashtags (#)

Hashtags or “#” are an effective and fun way to promote. Come up with unique, catchy hashtags for attendees to use at each event. They can be used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Follow Back/Socialize For Feedback 

Promoting doesn’t stop after the event has ended. Through social media you can follow up with the attendees, get feedback from them about what they liked best and least, and discover what people hope to see next time.  In addition, you can also use social media for pre-promotion for the next event.

Don’t miss out on all the added value that can be created by utilizing the wonderful world of social media! We encourage you to be social and use all the capabilities of technology to promote your brand as well as events.

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