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Industry Expert Tips: Build a Brand on Social Media

Industry Expert Social Media Tips

David Mitroff, Ph.D. was interviewed for an expert roundtable blog article on developing a brand for businesses via social media strategies. 

While developing your business’ brand and story requires strategy, there is now the expectation of implementing marketing efforts around social media. In fact, it is considered necessary to create a business brand, which is a summation of your digital content and online interactions. David Mitroff, Ph.D., is a Marketing Expert and shares industry advice for businesses looking for tips to increase brand awareness:

“The first thing any small business needs to know about building an online presence is the need for consistency. There is no point in mapping out a social media marketing campaign if there is low commitment to maintaining the content output. Most small businesses don’t have a designated social media coordinator or allocated time in their schedule to monitor and execute social media marketing efforts. Once there is someone accountable for building the brand online, you can expect to see results from social media strategies. This might mean having to readjust some roles, but make it very clear the expectations of the social media for the small business.

Social Media Tips

Regarding the social media content, do not waste time perfecting it. Understand that it wont align and impress everyone that sees it, that’s not the goal of branding. To have a successful brand means to be able to remain in the front of a prospective customer’s mind. Even if someone doesn’t need your services, they might mention your small business passively or even suggest your business location to their own circle. Social media allows us to “share” the content directly to our networks, so by being consistently on the timelines or news feed of different platforms, it allows people to remember and think of your brand.”

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