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Inner City Advisors in the Bay Area

Inner City Advisors is an Oakland based organization that works with small business owners to create a more effective economic ecosystem by helping companies develop and create more jobs for local residents in the Bay Area. ICA works with entrepreneurs, advisors, employees and sponsors to improve communities with high unemployment rates and to grow their businesses.

ICA provides various services that help companies expand and develop more job opportunities within their businesses. Their website also allows job seekers to create profiles and search for better-fit jobs and careers through their jobs page listings.

Inner City Advisors provides four main business development initiatives that include Entrepreneurship Education, Pro Bono Management Consulting, Talent Management and Fund Good Jobs org. The ICA Entrepreneurship Institute has helped various entrepreneurs grow their businesses by an educational series that focuses on developing practical solutions to real small business problems. Entrepreneurs can learn from and network with other fellow entrepreneurs as well.

Pro Bono Management Consulting is one service of ICA that is designed to help businesses function and flourish. A team of experienced executives and industry experts work with companies to develop new business strategies in order to help companies grow and expand. Bay Area business owners can use this service to not only get their business up and running but also, keep it running.

Talent Management Initiatives from ICA work specifically with Human Resources and operational practices to better develop hiring processes, promotions and transitions of talent. ICA helps talented individuals in the workforce to access local job opportunities at ICA companies. A company cannot grow without adequate employees and ICA’s initiatives ensure that a company, as well as its workforce, is expanding.

ICA works with a sister organization called Fund Good Jobs which bets on high need, high growth companies by providing tailored investments. These investments are designed to help these growing businesses create the highest amount of jobs possible.

ICA has a long line of success working with companies such as Chevron, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and many more. Entrepreneurs in the Bay Area have a steep climb in developing their businesses and Inner City Advisors can help with this. By various educational initiatives, management consulting and talent management, ICA not only expands businesses but improves communities in the Bay Area by providing more job opportunities.

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