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Let Eventbrite Help Organize Your Next Event

Need help planning and promoting an upcoming event?  Let Eventbrite help!  Eventbrite is a free and easy online tool that helps you create, find and attend events.  With Eventbrite’s professional and customizable tools, planning an event is made easy.  Not only can you custom create your event, but you can also access your event webpage anywhere using their easy to use mobile application.

Need help spreading the word about your event? No problem.  Eventbrite also makes getting the word out easy with personalized emails or adding them to search engines.  Once you have started promoting you can also track your attendance to see how many people are coming to your event, the ticket and registrations sales and ramp up your professional activity as needed.

Not only does Eventbrite help you plan and promote your event, but it also helps manage event entry with their Entry Manager app to check people in and scan barcoded tickets through your phone.  If that isn’t your thing you can also print up a guest list.

If those aren’t convincing enough, here are 5 more reasons for using Eventbrite:

  • Huge audience
  • Reaches a lot of people
  • Makes life easier
  • Helps to gain traffic for your website
  • FREE to use

Eventbite is everything you need to sell tickets and manage registration of any kind of event.  With Eventbrite anyone can be a great event organizer.  It empowers event organizers to become more efficient and effective when bringing people together. People everywhere are searching Eventbrite to discover great events that matter to them.

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