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“How to say goodbye to job burnout in 2017”


David Mitroff, Ph.D., was featured on giving tips about what you can do right now to refresh at your current job. The key is to reflect on the experience so far:

The best way to reignite passion for your job is to revisit three key moments: the interview, your worst day at work and your favorite day at work,” says David Mitroff, CEO and founder of the San Francisco-based business development firm Piedmont Avenue Consulting.

“Re-evaluating how you felt during these occasions, and why you feel that way, can explain why you feel burned out,” Mitroff explains.

Your excitement during the interview will remind you why you wanted the job; your least favorite day can help you respond better in the future; and your favorite work memory will help you focus on what you like about your job.

“Understanding these three moments is the first step in re-positioning yourself to feel excited about your job for the new year,” he says.”

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