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New American Small Plates in Walnut Creek: Library on Main

Most of us do not remember when the historic building on Main that was formerly known as Eleve, was first built as a library. But now, that same location is being revitalized into a new restaurant by owners and chef, Cuong Du and Michelle Nguyen in an allusion to the building’s past, calling it Library on Main. This same duo had proved dynamic in the culinary wonders they brought to us via their Vietnamese cuisine, so if you loved them before, you’ll love them now more than ever! The Bay Area itself is a symbol of change and innovation, so in that spirit, it was time the 1916 building on North Main take on a new life while still keeping the connection to the roots of the past. This place is certainly not your grandma’s library, so don’t let the name fool you.

The minds behind the Library on Main have teamed up with Larson Shores Architecture and Interiors to give the place an old meets new feel to match the innovation of their cuisine and to fill the 6,000 square ft with a transformed look. The same firm also designed Oakland Hotspot and The Homestead. The décor will feature nods to the literary world including authentic leather bound antique books artfully placed around the space, intricate collages of typewriter inspired wooden block letters, and quotes by literary icons. From the sneak peak photography, Library on Main is looking much like some of the most beloved novels of all; like a true work of art.

While Eleve was known for upscale Vietnamese fusion, the cuisine at Library on Main is taking a turn West and specializing in New American Small Plates, attempting to reinvent your go to spot for light bites and cocktails. Don’t worry, the owners gave Eleve an ultra exclusive sendoff with their signature food and craft cocktails before closing in June. Don’t fret about missing Eleve’s inventive cocktail menu; Library on Main will feature a similar, yet much more expanded list, including even more wine and craft beer as well! After all, some of the greatest of writers enjoyed a great drink or two. It was Hemingway who said “My only regret, is that I did not drink more wine” and let’s just say Lewis Carroll had an affinity for absinthe.

Library on Main will be serving the Walnut Creek’s main cultural hub with innovative eats like Fried Chicken with a twist and other tasty bites when they are set to open at the beginning of August 2015. The menu has yet to be finalized on their website, but for the most recent updates, and a preview of their food and décor, follow Library on Main on Twitter and Instagram @libraryonmain. You don’t want to miss a detail of the hottest new restaurant opening; that’s what social media was made for! Library and Main will be in the exact spot of what was Eleve, across from City Hall and with great proximity to all of Downtown Walnut Creek attractions and shopping destinations. For more information visit and direct all other inquiries to

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