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Oakland’s Most Popular Neighborhoods

The East Bay’s renowned Oakland offers a variety of haunts, eats, and things to do in vibrant neighborhoods. The next time you are headed to Oakland, consider checking out some of the following neighborhoods and their respective quirks.


Come to Oakland’s Chinatown to eat diverse authentic Chinese food. Some popular places include Shan Dong Restaurant, 8th Street Café, Shooting Star Café, Spices 3, and Gum Kuo. If you want a refreshing drink, go to Chatime for not just milk tea but also for the adjoining Music Café for your late-night karaoke pleasures.


If you only have a few hours to spend, consider going to Temescal Alley, a strip of hipster get-aways such as Cro Coffee, Donut Dolly, Curbside Creamery and even an apothecary.

If you want to get a bite to eat, consider going to Pizzaiolo for Italian, Bakesale Betty for lunch, or Kingfish for a pub.

The Temescal Street Fair is held in mid-June and features local artists, eats and merchants—a perfect way to spend summer days.


Fenton’s Creamery offers a great selection of confections, sundaes, hamburgers galore, for any and every occasion. Across the street a little ways off is Mr. Green Bubble, a great place to grab some milk tea with friends and enjoy a conversation or two.

Places to eat include a new branch of Berkeley’s Gregoire, Cesar, Baywolf, and Baja.

If you love to watch independent and foreign films, go to Piedmont Cinemas for an authentic movie experience. Visit the Mountain View Cemetery if you want a somewhat ironically peaceful place to take a walk.


Beautifully illuminated by a necklace of lights, take a walk by Lake Merritt under the stars and experience a more romantic side of Oakland. If you want a plethora of eateries and shops, Jack London Square on the Oakland waterfront offers many sources of entertainment, as well as the cabin Jack London lived in during the Klondike.

Little haunts to visit are Tribune Tavern and Awaken Café, or visit the 12-block City Center complex. If you love to play video games, consider going to the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, which holds a collection of playable video games and video game history, as well as weekday events.

Take a day or night trip to Oakland to experience what this side of the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer, in more ways than one.

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