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Overrated Interview Questions

Overrated Interview Questions

David Mitroff, Ph.D., was featured in an article for LA Intronet, a recruitment industry specializing on Sage, Finance and IT positions across all industries, about the 10 top most overused and overrated interview questions.

As job seekers are preparing for job interviews, it’s no surprise there are some questions that effortlessly come to mind. It’s a formula for recruiters and talent management to ask certain things, either for formality or for basic requirements that the candidate need to meet. There will be certain predictable tropes and scenarios that anyone with interview experience will tell you. Some of the prewritten questions are overused to the point where an acing an interview just comes with practice.

There’s a positive side to overrated and overused interview questions. For example, it allows the interview to be more comfortable for both the interviewer and interviewee since it allows them to have an idea of what to expect from one another when they meet. Additionally, if the questions are not the norm, then it’s a good indicator for high-performing and qualified candidates that the employer might not be what they are looking for.

In general, there are some overused interview questions that has ran its course. Some of these questions are so dry and uninformative that they don’t have a function in revealing any authentic depths within a candidate’s interview. Some questions were never effective in the first place, yet they’re repeated in almost every interview.

One of them is “Tell Me About Yourself.” David Mitroff, founder of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., says, “It’s supposed to be an icebreaker, but it’s less effective in terms of actually telling the interviewer about the candidate. Since this question has been so overused, the answers are usually scripted and not authentic. This beats the purpose of asking someone to tell us about themselves.”

Read the full article and other overrated interview questions here.

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