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Growing Your Business With Pay Pal

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What makes Pay Pal different than a traditional merchant credit card processing service; Fee structure. While this can be very complex for most individuals, the fee structure for Pay Pal stays consistent unlike most processing services like it. With Pay Pal, you are charged between 2.2% and 2.9% with a $0.30 transaction fee no matter the payment method the customer uses. This is where many other services cannot compete because in other companies, the fees for the merchant vary on the payment method of the customer.

Pay Pal, an online payment service that enables businesses of all sizes to accept bank or credit card payments for items that they sell. Customers utilize PayPal to purchase merchandise, then PayPal processes all payments and transfers funds to the merchant’s PayPal account.

All PayPal transactions take place on Secure Sockets Layer encryption that protects the customer’s personal data from identity thieves or other hackers. The information entered via PayPal is always safe, secure and protected.

So what are the benefits of using PayPal for your business? First no matter the size of your business, PayPal enables customers to pay for purchases online which allow businesses to expand their markets. Without PayPal and the option to accept credit card payments, it is impossible for many businesses to reach potential customers.

Not only does PayPal allow easier accessibility to your products online, it is also a very quick and convenient payment system. Customers don’t have to enter payment and shipping information every time because it is already saved on their PayPal account. Furthermore, it allows customers to choose from multiple payment forms from a single “online wallet”.

When it comes handling transactions online, security is key and the most important aspect for customers. PayPal includes a Purchase Protection program that has antifraud tools which safeguard consumers from unauthorized transactions. They handle all financial information which is then stored with PayPal and never shared with merchants.

Businesses throughout the Bay Area utilize PayPal because of its convenience, accessibility and financial benefits. PayPal has been found to actually reduce overall payment processing costs and increase sales in many companies. PayPal already has a successful reputation, so simply having a PayPal logo displayed on a company’s webpage will show customers that your site can be trusted and that your business is legitimate.


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