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Pinterest for Business


Pinterest is an interactive, pin-board formatted, website that allows users to showcase collections of different things they’re interested in. Whether it’s food, clothing, or different locations, Pinterest is a free service for users to visually bookmark these images (“pins”) into different collections of images (“pin boards”).

Evan Sharp, one of the co-founders of Pinterest, describes the pinning process as something that increases the chances of a user running into the same image, or other media, multiple times. Once a user pins something onto a board, the name of that board becomes the string that describes that pin. Another user may pin the same thing onto their own board, which could be named something else—such as ‘San Francisco attire,’ ‘birthday gifts,’ or ‘wedding designs.’ Sharp says that this creates “thousands of human-generated strings” that describe each image, and creates a way for people help solve each other’s search problems.

Growing in popularity with other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Pinterest has also become another marketing tool for start-up businesses. Pinterest offers a new way for businesses to communicate and connect with customers. It allows potential customers to hand-pick different items and brands they like, and to follow different pin boards that may relate to a certain business’ product or brand.

These businesses have several techniques in creating search optimization in order for Pinterest users to find their products. One way is providing keywords within the description of pinned images, such as ‘how to’ for products that include tutorials for their use. Another technique is posting longer images that are appealing to the eye when viewed from a mobile device, as well as from a computer screen.

Etsy is a one such business that uses Pinterest’s predominantly visual platform to showcase their brand. New pins are posted daily on Etsy’s board—taken from items within the Etsy marketplace, content inspired by other trending Pinterest boards, and from weekly ‘Guest Pinners’ invited to bring in new content from their own finds. Etsy also integrated a ‘Pin It’ button onto for shoppers to easily pin items while browsing their site.

Stitch Fix utilizes more of Pinterest’s categorizing visual scheme into their online service. Stitch Fix is a personal styling service allows clients to provide personal Pinterest links and pin boards onto their profile, which give stylists a sense of what items they like and would want to purchase.

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