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Popular Food Apps in San Francisco

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Do you yearn for better delivery options in the Bay Area? Are you often strapped for time and looking for healthy, yet affordable meal options? A number of food startups such as Munchery, Sprig, and SpoonRocket are popping up throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Rather than coordinating the delivery of restaurant food, these startups focus on preparing and delivering their own fresh dishes. Each company prepares large quantities of a few entrees on a daily basis. The food is then loaded onto cars that drive around and deliver to different parts of the city. All three startups emphasize using seasonal and local ingredients, preparing tasty, healthy, and delicious dishes. The ordering process is simple, processed through each of their respective websites and/or iOS app. Although they all deliver a freshly prepared meal to your home or office, each startup has distinct and unique elements that make each special.


Munchery, the leader of the pack, offers customers a range of meals from a handful of different executive chefs. With seven staff and 35 part-time chefs, Munchery aims to make a wide variety of main dishes, sides, kid meals, and even desserts. Although each entrée costs around $10-12 with a $2.95-4.95 delivery fee, each order must be placed at least 2 hours and up to two days ahead of time. Because each order is placed well in advance, re-heating your meal is inevitable. The extended delivery time and the re-heating are the primary drawbacks. If you are able to place your order well in advance, Munchery is your ideal option. It not only offers a wide array of food choices, but it also has the largest delivery scope, delivering to Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, and even Palo Alto. Although Munchery focuses on offering a wide variety of affordable and healthy options for consumers, Sprig and SpoonRocket compete head-to-head for offering the freshest quality of food that are affordable, healthy, and most importantly, incredibly fast.


If you are looking for a cheap, fast, yet delicious lunch or dinner option, check out SpoonRocket’s website or iOS app. The founders of SpoonRocket, two Berkeley students, firmly believe that fast food should not be the only option that is both affordable and convenient. Focused on shifting people toward better eating, they aimed to create a company that made quality food available and accessible to everyone, all the time. Although they only offer a few dishes every day, SpoonRocket prides themselves in changing the menu everyday because all food is made from scratch with the freshest ingredients of that day. With each dish priced at $8 + tax and no delivery fee, it is definitely one of the most affordable options in San Francisco. Although SpoonRocket is primarily based in Berkeley, they are expanding into SOMA and the rest of the city soon.


Sprig, similar to SpoonRocket, can be viewed as a more expensive and upscale food delivery system. Although Sprig has traditionally delivered for dinner only, they have expanded to delivering lunch between the hours of 11 and 2 p.m. from Mondays to Fridays. For lunch, customers can choose among a set of three sandwiches, wraps, or salads each day, with at least one vegetarian and gluten-free option. Although Sprig is priced around $10 with a $2 delivery fee, they pride themselves in how their food is sourced, the nutritional value, as well as the tastiness of the food itself. With Nate Cheller, the former executive chef of Google, as their chief meal maker who plans and makes all the dishes, each dish is crafted with immense care. Sprig Go, a newly launched system, aims toward alleviating price concerns. Loyal Sprig customers can sign up for Sprig Go, enabling them to order as many meals as they want, without having to worry about delivery fees each time. Priced at a flat fee of $10 a month for a limited time, it definitely is worth a try!


All three companies offer something different. Whether it offers a wide variety of options, a cheap and fast option, or a name-brand chef’s intricate preparation, each company caters toward different customers. With the fast-paced lives we all live, it’s worth a shot to try one of these deliver systems. Whether you are having a busy day or too tired to cook, having these options comes in handy.



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