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Seat Me, a New Technology for Bay Area Restaurants

Restaurant owners in the Bay Area today know that customer service and efficiency is everything when running a successful business. When these two factors are not met, a restaurant can suffer greatly. No customer enjoys waiting hours for a table especially when they’ve been told the wait time is only thirty minutes. Yelp has developed a brand new technology called SeatMe that allows restaurants to become more organized and thus much more efficient.

SeatMe is an application available on all forms of media devices such as computers, phones and tablets that restaurants can utilize to keep track of reservations, waitlists and server sections at the click of a button. Everything a host, server or manager would need to access is available on SeatMe.

SeatMe allows you to essentially build the layout of your entire restaurant via the application, allowing you to add different table sizes and multiple rooms. This enables managers to have their entire restaurant layout already on SeatMe, making it much easier to assign sections for servers and identifying which tables each server is responsible for.

The best restaurants in the Bay Area are usually always packed at peak hours of the day, often times making it hard for restaurants to keep track of waitlists, wait time and reservations. SeatMe allows hosts to create a reservation lists, assign possible table combinations as well as track the duration of each tables visit in order keep reservations on time and wait times accurate.

Often times there are many miscommunications between server and host but, with the SeatMe application every employee throughout the restaurant is on the same page. Hosts will know how full each server’s section is and how long each table has been there. Likewise each server will then know the expected size of the next party in their section as well as when they will be sat.

With the exception of ordering food, SeatMe provides Bay Area businesses with the proper tools to organize their restaurant in a convenient and very efficient way. SeatMe allows restaurants in the Bay Area to be able to manage a crowded and fast paced environment with ease, helping customers have the most relaxing experience possible.

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