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Shared Workspaces in the Bay Area: WeWork and What Makes It Different

We Work
Are you new to the Bay Area and hoping to expand your network? Do you need to book a meeting room when you travel? Do you want a flexible workspace nearby?


With a rise in flexible work options and alternative working arrangements, many who work independently are seeking to join a new generation of collaborative workspaces, also known as shared workspaces. These workspaces serve to accommodate a variety of small businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking to utilize an alternative work environment. Some shared workspaces cater toward lifelong freelancers, others cater toward tech start-ups. However, within these workspaces, you can always find people from a variety of industries ranging from design to marketing to legal services. Shared workspaces ultimately provide a professional place to conduct business.


Popping up across cities such as San Francisco and New York, these beautiful shared-office spaces establish communities of forward- thinking entrepreneurs, making the opportunity for collaboration boundless. With open floor plans, glass partitioning, and an ingenious layout, interaction among members is inevitable. Although a number of shared workspaces such as WeWork, Regus, Sharedesk, NeueHouse, and Grind share a vision for collaboration, each workspace prides itself for its own distinctive characteristics. Are you environmentally conscious? Check out Grind, a provider of shared workspaces who promotes their sustainability initiative. Grind offices are equipped with LED light bulbs, low-flow faucets, and Intelligentsia coffee. Are you looking for a more traditional office spaces? Check out Regus PLC. Are you looking to work with incredibly hip people? Neuehouse sports an impeccably hip interior, sporting boutique hotel aesthetics, ranging from exposed brick to wingback smoking chairs to throw pillows. All these shared-office spaces offer high-speed Internet, conference rooms, printers, lounges, free food, and of course, free coffee.


There are many perks to working in a collaborative workspace, but WeWork Companies Inc. is much more than that. WeWork attracts young creative types who indulge in the idea of a network. WeWork’s mobile app, which serves as an internal directory, also provides a platform that encourages members to share ideas and communicate with one another through weekly bagel-and-mimosa parties or informal demo days. Members work together. Members need each other. Members feed off of each other. Members are grateful for one another. Most importantly, members of WeWork are inspired entrepreneurs who love what they do. They all share a common vision: “to create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living.”


Build your business. Embrace shared workspaces. Take part in the collaborative “We.


Once you are a member of these workspaces, you are granted access to any of the other workspaces globally. Is your office based in New York City? Want to reserve a conference room in the San Francisco office space? You got it! In an increasingly global world, shared workspaces foster interaction and communication that transcends physical boundaries and limitations.


Learn more about different shared workspaces and find out what they can offer for you.

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