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Social Media’s Influence on Fashion

Burberry films its S/S 2014 show using the iPhone 5S

It is no secret that in our day and age, technology and social media have revolutionized all aspects of our lives, from the way we keep in touch, the way we seek employment and build connections, as well as the way in which we present ourselves to others aesthetically. Of course, one of the most prominent forms of self expression is fashion.

While all brands and companies have something to gain from having a strong footprint on social media and further refining their brand image, this is increasingly important for the fashion industry. Since both the consumer and the business have to be connected via every social media outlet to stay relevant.


These days, the fashion industry needs much more than a catalog or print ad to the get their lookbooks, and new season’s lines out there. Catalogs seem to fade into obscurity in a pile next to the couch, and print ads can be flipped through, but when it is instantly there on your computer screen as you scroll through your Facebook news feed, or Twitter feed, it cannot be ignored; and the fashion industry knows this. When one see’s their profile picture next to a certain brand’s shoes, bag, or outfit, they can easily envision themselves wearing it, and purchasing said item, is only one click away. How many of you have ever looked at something you wanted, say a handbag, a suit, or a pair of shoes on one of your favorite retailer’s website, only to minutes later, see an advertisement for this same item on Facebook? How many of you have been tempted to buy it? A study conducted by a UC Berkeley student, found that nearly half of the people she surveyed admitted to actually buying something because they saw it on social media.


The social media surrounding the consumer has also become an important way for the consumer to both figuratively and literally connect with their favorite brands, designers, and stores. By “following” say, Christian Louboutin, or Michael Kors, even Bloomingdales on Social Media, you are connected in such a way that you’ll get an update for every sale, event, image, or newsworthy event, just as you would a friend and thus feels a part of the brands “lifestyle”. So psychologically, the consumer feels more connected to the fashion industry, by quite literally “following” the trends. It has also revolutionized the way we even purchase things, and even the extent as to why we buy what we buy. Websites and Apps like Pinterest and Polyvore help you draw inspiration for planning an outfit, and from that you create a profile and gain followers, and likes You essentially become your own stylist, and can learn how to present yourself for any and all occasions. Just like the ads, there is always a direct link as to where you can buy each apparel item providing for a seamless way of consuming. There are even people who make money off of combining fashion and social media, for instance, fashion bloggers who gain a vast following and make money off of their advertisements, as well as “famous” instagrammers, who are sponsored by brands to essentially take selfies wearing their clothes, hashtagging the brand, as well as #ootd, standing for “outfit of the day”.

So in recent years, as social media presence has increased by nearly ten fold for the fashion industry, it also gives a way for the consumer to feel like they are actively participating in the world of fashion. The company gets the benefit of a strong customer base, and the customer can find out about new and interesting things, sales, promotions, and inspiration for their own aesthetic which in turn helps individuals market themselves to the world.


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