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Top 3 Dating Apps

Top 3 Dating Apps

top-dating-apps-happy-coupleThe world of dating is being transformed by a new age of technology and innovation. In the olden days, the gentleman would court the lady by asking for permission from the woman’s father. There was always some sort of authoritative figure overseeing the relationship. Ultimately, both parties only continue the courtship if they both feel that marriage is the end goal. If not, they will call the courtship off.

Now take a look at the year 2015. Dating has become almost like a pastime, where people date just to meet new people and enjoy themselves. Bumping into a stranger at the bar or getting a cup of coffee with a stranger you just met on a train is becoming less of an occurrence. More and more couples are meeting each other through virtual means now more than ever. With this millennial generation almost defined by their smartphones, depending on them for everything from checking their email and bank accounts to calling their next Uber ride, it is only natural that they are also using their smartphones to meet new people. It is no longer about the traditional society of courtship, but it is about the exciting mystery of seeking a companion through social media dating applications like Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, and OkCupid.

Tinder (

In this quick and easy to use app, a simple anonymous swipe left or right can very well lead you on to your very first date or even the beginning of a long lasting friendship. This app allows people to network with someone they might never have otherwise. It allows you to see the other person’s profile, your common interests, your mutual friends, if any and other information the other person decides to share. Then, if both persons answer that they are interested in each other, they have the option of messaging each other. Most importantly, Tinder has received a lot of praise for its concept of anonymity, which completely eliminates the possibility of rejection (because no one likes rejection).

top-dating-apps-coffee-dateCoffee Meets Bagel (

One of the more serious dating apps on the market, Coffee Meets Bagel allows you to focus on only one interaction a day. This app strives to minimize the heavy flow of possible matches by allowing people to only choose to talk to one person a day, or allowing you to have only one “Bagel” a day. Every day, you will be delivered one match at noon and you can either choose to Like or Pass. Here, you will find more serious daters, who are mostly genuine people looking to find true love.

OkCupid (

Popularly known as a dating website, OkCupid has now created a mobile app. It has the same comprehensive database, combined with a strategic line of magical algorithms that pair you with people you have similarities and match material with. Aside from these crazy mathematical algorithms, OkCupid is unique for its occasional in-person single event mixers, where people can come out to meet new people and have a good time.






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