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Top 9 Tools to Promote Events


  1. LinkedIn events: The most recent application to receive an overhaul as millions of members have been increasingly utilizing the tool to source and sign up to attend local or industry related events. It benefits event organizers, marketers and professionals alike.
  2. Facebook events: Create a Facebook page for your event. Include a brief topic description, information regarding any guest speakers, photos of the venue and/ or important guest attendees, event-related videos, and a prominent “register now” button. By doing this on Facebook, you will also be able to reach out more audiences, who are essentially potential customers.
  3. Tweet-based:  Post event links on Twitter informing followers about upcoming events. Come up with catchy hashtags (#) to create buzz as well as engage with your audience.
  4. Instagram or Pinterest: Take photos before, during, and after your event and post them. You may also create an event countdown to raise awareness and engage potential customers. During the event, engage the audiences by encourage them to take pictures and upload them with hashtags to Instagram or Pinterest.
  5. Online registration-ticketing platform: Utilizing online platforms allows for a more accessible event, leading to more attendees. Eventbrite, TicketLeap, and are a few great examples.
  6. Press release: Do not ignore traditional media. Send press releases to local journalists who may be interested in covering the event.
  7. Teaming up with a non-Profit: Your event will attract new target audiences while helping the community. By doing this, it will show that your business is interested in the success and well being of the local community.
  8. Create calendar invitations: Utilize your company email list when you’re having an event, but do not overwhelm your customers with your invitations. Just simply send a reminder about the events as the date draws close. Keep it short and simple.
  9. Online promotion: This includes social media, blogs, and other social networking platforms that specialize on events such as Meetup, Linkedin, and others.

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