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Twitter for Business

Twitter for Business (1)It’s no secret that in this day and age your business has to be connected via each and every social media platform. Of course, this would involve having a twitter as well. However, for a successful social media footprint, you shouldn’t just tweet anything. In fact, writing the perfect tweet is like an art. And who knows what it can lead to? Besides more exposure for your business, you may find yourself a viral hit, and a popular Twitter user worldwide! So here are some sure fire ways to increase the popularity of your tweets.

Tweet @ already popular accounts! You want to remain connected with influencers, especially influencers who might be inclined to use your product and support it, and give it positive PR. These influencers are included, but not limited to, celebrities, pseudo-celebrities and local-celebrities, popular bloggers, and popular twitter accounts in your area. Do this by mentioning them in a tweet, or even direct messaging them! But be careful not to spam anyone, because no one likes a spammer.

Make use of trending hash tags to increase followers and re-tweets! If you use a hash tag that is trending, which you can tell by the bar to your left on your home feed, it will drive up traffic, and your tweets will appear whenever anyone clicks on the trending hash tag, which may help make your account become popular! Better yet, use something that is trending nationally, or something pretty generic, along the lines of #WineWednesday, with a relevant tweet on Wednesday of course, or the ever popular #treatyoself.

Also, don’t be afraid to use humor. If you have something funny or clever to say about a relevant or trending event then tweet it! Provided it isn’t overtly offensive or vulgar. Who knows, you may become a viral hit and a popular twitter account this way!

Tweet Images of your product or service, as well as links to your website to drive up traffic and spark interest. Also make sure your instagram, your face book, and your twitter are all linked together. After all, you cannot expect others to connect to you if you are not connected to yourself via all outlets.

While becoming poplar on twitter is easier said than done, these strategies are a great way to drive traffic and draw in customers for your business!

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