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Utilizing Instagram for Business

The free service allows users to take a photo, apply a digital filter, and then share it with numerous Instagram users/followers. It also provides the ability to share your photos with other social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook, which expands the sharing experience to an even broader scale.

Instagram began as a mobile app, and continues to be dominant as a mobile app. Even though Instagram has evolved and can now be used on a computer, users are primarily enjoying the snap-and-post efficiency to share their lives through images with their most trusted companion – a cell phone.

Reasons your business needs to be using Instagram:

~ One of the most popularly downloaded mobile apps.
~ Currently has 90 million registered users.
~ A program called ‘Statigram’ can help to record data regarding customer usage of Instagram regarding its effects on your personal business.
~ You can increase your brand awareness through constant photo updates that are shared worldwide for free.

Ways to use Instagram for business purposes:

~ Show behind-the-scenes processes. People love to understand more about how your business works.
~ Humanize your company by sharing photos and introducing staff.
~ Don’t be afraid to get cutesy – people will love a photo of your dog in the office!
~ Host photo contests in which people can #hashtag your company name to increase your brand awareness and customer involvement.
~ Have people Instagram a photo of themselves with your product for a chance to win tickets/items/guided tour, etc.
~ Product promotion – Taking pictures of your brand new inventory will allow customers to instantly know when products enter the market.
~ Connect with social media sites. You can sync your Instagram to update your pictures to both Facebook and Twitter which expands your brand awareness throughout 3 major social media outlets.
~ The more likes you receive on a photo, the more exposure it gets across the Instagram community.
~ Integrating an Instagram tab to your website will increase the flow of traffic to both your webpage and your Instagram, which ultimately leads to a growing audience.

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