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Looking for a new way to up the ante of your wardrobe—and your tech prowess? Wearable technology continues to hold increasing presence and promise for the future, as the blurring between fashion and technology encourages both simplification and greater innovation.


What makes wearable technology so charming is largely in part due to convenience. As worlds become smaller, more tangible, and more within our reach, technology allows for the seamless integration of style and efficiency. Hybridity, already as can be seen in the smartphone, enables multiple platforms to be condensed into one sleek all-purpose device. This sort of convergence is not exclusive to purely media and increasingly applies to greater areas of life.


Two of the hottest examples of wearable technology are Google Glass and the newly released Apple Watch. The former, introduced within the past three years, amalgamates eyeglasses with smartphone-like capabilities, such as a hands-free interface, as a type of “smart glasses.” The design is sleek, simple, and subtly stylish. Google Glass has a broad range of uses, such as in healthcare, autism treatment, and journalism.


The Apple Watch, which is to be released in April 2015, is a smart watch that syncs with the iPhone in order to perform smartphone duties, in addition to telling time and monitoring health and fitness. The Apple Watch comes in three editions as well as different colors, so customization remains possible, with the promise of an Apple Watch suitable for anyone and everyone.


Practical necessities such as eyeglasses and watches could become, like the phone, an accessory that boasts of personality and privilege. The price for wearable technology is hefty, with the cheapest Apple Watch set at $549 and the first design of Google Glass priced at $1500, and thus not a commonplace buy for the average consumer. However, in the years to come, wearable technology most likely will become more prevalent and widely used. The world will no longer be merely at our fingertips, but also be as customizable and viable as fashion.

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