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What is Hootsuite, and How to Use It For Business

Hootsuite is a social media management tool, made specifically to enhance the social media experience for businesses. From large and small sized businesses and agencies, to corporations and government entities, Hootsuite is used to monitor all aspects of their audience engagement and analytics.

The Hootsuite home page for new users provides basic information about what Hootsuite can be used for and the two plans a business can sign up for:

  • ‘Pro’ for small to medium sized businesses and agencies, and;
  • ‘Enterprise’ for larger corporations and government entities.

For each plan, organizations can clearly see the engagement, social analysis, collaboration, and security settings of their social media sites through the Hootsuite dashboard.

Engagement is determined by how much presence a business has on social media. Hootsuite provides platforms for top social media sites all in one dashboard for businesses to simultaneously post content in, to respond to messages and comments, and to create a target audience to post for according to a specifically set demographic that they can choose. Businesses, especially those located in the densely populated areas such as San Francisco and the Bay Area, are able to create content or comments and send it out to a specific demographic that they believe will yield more views and engagement.

Social analysis in Hootsuite is the measurement of brand growth, demographics (down to gender and city level), sentiment (whether conversations about your business is good, bad, or neutral), and resonance (amount of tweets, likes, clicks, etc. on a business’ posted content).

Collaboration in Hootsuite are tools to help maintain a business’ team structure.  For example, a business can create and assign tasks for the appropriate team;  designate team leaders to approve outgoing content; and send out a notification whenever the team responds to messages on different social network sites, therefore avoiding the creation of duplicate work.  This means that a business in the San Francisco Bay Area,  can collaborate and share ideas with a team from the same company but in a different region.

Securing all social media accounts through Hootsuite is done by having double approval settings (to avoid mistakenly posting to the wrong account), HTTPS settings to keep passwords safe even on mobile devices, and by controlling which employees have access to publish on to certain social media sites on your behalf.

Marketing an entire business or product through Hootsuite creates an opportunity to better understand and gauge client needs, wants, loyalty, and satisfaction with a particular business or entity.

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