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What We Can Learn from the TV Show Bar Rescue

What is your favorite part of a bar? Is it the atmosphere, the drinks, food or service? Or is it all of the above? What are the different aspects that draws people into bars and prompts them to stay. Host of the popular show “Bar Rescue”, Jon Taffer knows. With a long history of experience in the food and beverage industry, Taffer knows the ins and outs of nightclubs and pubs.

The show Bar Rescue has been airing on Spike since 2011 and allows viewers an insight into the food and beverage industry; what works and what doesn’t. Bar Rescue pulls struggling bars across the nation and send in the experts to work out their kinks and get the bar running at its full potential. Taffer and his team of industry specialists use their expertise to access the problems in the bar, fire a few useless employees, and overall change the bar to make it a more functional and appealing place for customers to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

Taffer and his no-nonsense personality and outrageous tactiques allow for an entertaining reality show as he completely reinvents each bar; often time changing the name of the bar or altering the entire menu. After drastically changing the way that each venue is managed, its appearance and its drinks, each restaurant is reopened to the public. Jon Taffer has flipper over 800 bars in his career and each bar follows suit, becoming much more successful and often times bringing the owners out of debt.

Opening and running a successful nightclub, pub or bar is a huge investment in money, time and emotional stress. If Bar Rescue teaches us anything, it’s that appearance is the jumping off point in starting a business and in attracting the community. With so many popular bars and pubs in San Francisco, Walnut Creek and other cities throughout the Bay Area, it’s important for business owners to establish an image for their bar that stands out from the rest.

The name of the bar, the venue and atmosphere are the first things that customers notice when trying out a new bar. Knowing the intended audience of your bar or nightclub and incorporating aspects which they would find most appealing is helpful in establishing an image. When Bay Area business owners know their audience they know what they want to eat, how much they want to eat and what types of drinks they would like to be served.

Every good bar needs a great manager. Management is everything when it comes to opening up a bar in the Bay Area. Without proper management, many establishments suffer as well as their staff. The relationship between manager and staff is important for day to day operations to run smoothly in a restaurant or bar environment.

Bar Rescue teaches us that when opening a bar or nightclub establishing an image and a target audience is an essential jumping off point for a successful business. Proper management allows a restaurant to run smoothly, allowing customers to feel at ease and well taken care of. When this happens customers are more likely to come back for a drink or a bite to eat.


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