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WP Engine’s Performance Tool: Evaluate Your Website Speed

WP Engine's Performance Tool:

Every second counts, optimize your WordPress website with the Performance Tool from WP Engine

Now that it’s expected for any business to have a website, it’s critical to see how well your webpages are doing in terms of growing your business. It might not be explicit, but there is a correlation between wait time and retaining a potential customer’s interest; “one-second load time delay results in 7% fewer conversions“.

WP Engine provides tools, such as a Speed Test, to evaluate your website performance. Here are some features that can give you a better idea of how well your website is doing:

Cache Reports

Caching is a technology that stores your webpage’s information and HTML file on the server. This allows your webpage to load fast due to the server already having the process prepared and conversion ready.

WP Engine allows their users to view the cache reports and scores for each web page. They include key measurements so you can accurately analyze your performance. Have render reports and compare the results between cached and uncached pages.

Visitor Experience

User experience is more prevalent than ever. There’s even user interaction research methodology that is a huge game changer for how to retain visitors. WP Engine provides a visual walk through of how a visitor would experience a particular web page. By analyzing individual elements and knowing how they’re perceived by as specific as tenth of a second, you can understand how effective your web page content and structure actually are.

Demanding Domains

Ever wanted to know the number of domains requested by your web pages? Or how about the specific or total file sizes returned by those domains? These are all factors to how fast your webpage will load for each visitor. WP Engine assists website performance analysis with HTTP requests and size reports and other tools, so you have a better grasp of what is working and what isn’t.
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