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The Ten Most Yelp-Reviewed Restaurants in San Francisco

  • Ike’s Place

Ike’s place is a grab-and-go sandwich shop conveniently located near 16th and Mission Bart Station. Ike’s has an overwhelming variety of sandwiches and an option to customize them as well. With reasonable prices (average: $12) and glowing recommendations from fellow Yelp reviewers or close friends, Ike’s Place has received over 6500 reviews on Yelp, making it the number one most reviewed restaurant in San Francisco. Because Ike’s place is a short walk from Delores Park, many people choose to call ahead of time, place their order, and bring their sandwich to the park to enjoy. An added twist to the delicious sandwiches is the complimentary caramel apple lollipop.


  • Burma SuperStar

Located on Clement Street in the Inner Richmond, Burma SuperStar takes second place as the most reviewed restaurant in San Francisco. Despite complaints about long lines, the dark and loud atmosphere, and slightly pricier food, San Francisco residents and tourists flock to the Inner Richmond to taste the famed Tea Leaf Salad, Rainbow Salad, and other delicious Burmese food. The service is quick as the restaurant seeks to accommodate the long lines of people waiting to savor their food. However, it is important to note that the chaotic atmosphere does not lend itself for some serious conversations or a romantic date night.


  • Sam Tung Chinese Restaurant

An overwhelming majority of the reviews on Yelp concentrated on Sam Tung’s original dry fried chicken. Despite the somewhat misleading name of dry fried chicken, these chicken wings are tossed in a sweet and sticky sauce. However, they still remain crunchy, crispy, and mouth-wateringly delicious. The food such as the honey-walnut prawns and complimentary Kim Chi are tasty and enjoyable. However, similar to Burma SuperStar, the restaurant is small, the wait is long, and the service is sub-par. If you are an avid chicken-wing lover, this is a restaurant you should check out.


  • Gary Danko

Unlike the top three most Yelp-reviewed restaurants, this restaurant exudes an elegant and romantic atmosphere. With superb servers who are helpful, friendly, and timely, this is a restaurant that people bookmark months in advance. Whether that is in preparation fro celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, this is a restaurant coveted for special occasions. A few of the Yelp reviewers have enjoyed the Roast Maine Lobster, Oysters with Osetra Caviar, Foie Gras, and the strawberry soufflé.


  • Nopa

Nopa, which specialized in organic wood-fired cuisine, is a go-to place for dinner on weekdays or brunch on weekends. Head on over for their famed pork chops or burgers. As Nopa aims to serve urban rustic food created with seasonal ingredients, their menu changes frequently to accommodate the local produce.


  • The House

An obscure California Asian fusion restaurant located in North Beach, The House serves a variety of Chinese and Japanese food. With the warm wasabi house noodles, grilled sea bass with garlic noodles, and kurobuta pork chop as its three famed main dishes, the House offers delicious entrees in a cozy and quaint environment. As the restaurant is tiny with limited seating, make a reservation and show up early! They only hold reservations for 10 minutes. One reviewer claims, “The House is one of those San Francisco staples that everyone should try at least once… It’s a nice step outside of the New American dining menus that San Franciscan restaurants heavily favor.”


  • El Farolito

A Mexican restaurant located in the Mission, El Farolito is best described as a dive taqueria without much of an atmosphere, but amazing food! Ranging from burritos to tacos to flautas, this place offers both delicious and affordable Mexcian food. The super burritos are filling and well worth the struggle with parking. The line moves quickly as well.


  • Kokkari Estiatorio

Located in the financial district, Kokkari Estiatorio is a fine greek and Mediterranean restaurant. With a cozy, rustic, wooden interior, this restaurant has a classy and elegant atmosphere and an extensive wine list. They are known for their goat stew, lamb chops, and lamb souvlaki.


  • Zazie

Zazie is a cute little Provençale French restaurant in the middle of Cole Valley. Although no weekend reservations are taken, the place is perfect for a Sunday brunch in San Francisco. While many restaurants are known for a few of their staple dishes, Yelp reviewers seem to enjoy a variety of the dishes offered at Zazie. Ranging from brunch food such as french toast tahiti and gingerbread pancake to dinner entrees such as trout dish, the wide range of food is well-loved by repeat customers.


  • Hog Island Oyster Co

Are you looking to watch the sun set over the water while the bridge lights up? Hog Island Oyster Co. offers the perfect ambiance with outdoor seating right next to the water at the Embaracadero. Many reviewers have enjoyed the delightful experience of dining at this restaurant, with one delightfully commenting on how he or she sat by the bar watching the employees shuck fresh oysters, laying them on chunks of ice. Apart from the fresh oysters the restaurant is known for, a number of reviewers have claimed to be clam chowder converts after ordering the creamy clam chowder at this restaurant.


All ten restaurants are highly reviewed, yet the diversity of the types of restaurant details the varying demands of customers in the Bay Area. Some customers enjoy the spectacular view, the quiet ambiance, and unparalleled service. Other customers concentrate solely on the quality of food, unconcerned by the cramped tables and noisy atmosphere. Some restaurants provide amble seating. Others are dive bars seating only a select few. Despite the differences, it is clear that each of these restaurants cater toward their customers. Whether they provide delicious food or supreme service or a combination of both, customers are not only enjoying their experience, but also willing to rave and share their opinions with whoever would listen. Despite mentioning the lengthy wait times and limited parking, all Yelp reviewers were enthusiastic in sharing the dishes that they had ordered and enjoyed at each restaurant. Many seemed to be repeat customers at the restaurant, detailing each dish they had ordered and whether or not they would pass up on it the next time around.


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