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Jeanine Johnson, Owner


With this Walnut Creek boutique retail store we create a consistent message with matching branding. We spread the word that they offer an the most up-to-date selection of today’s most exciting yarns, a wide selection of stylish patterns, along with weekly classes and monthly trunk show events.

Jutiki Gunter, Owner

Robotics for Fun

We worked to dramatically expand brand awareness for this year-round educational program, which provides a year-round learning environment for children in all aspects of robotics, math and science skills. We worked establish their online presence and promote the business in new ways allowing for the business to expand and open a new Mountain View location, in addition to their Oakland location.

Brand Awareness Package

We work with businesses to define a clear message. This means from Branding to Content to Call to Actions; One consistent theme. With this foundation, we advise on the design and production of a comprehensive online presence with matching website, social media and print materials.

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