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Piedmont Avenue Consulting is a San Francisco Bay Area based business development and marketing consulting firm who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation through leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes.

Piedmont Avenue Consulting offers a free consulting session to review your business and marketing strategies. This includes presenting you with the services, solutions and resources we offer to bring your business to the next level.

Our consulting is based on offering new ideas and encouraging creative initiatives from strategy through implementation, from company formation to updating an existing business. This process involves providing focused feedback with a plan of action to achieve ultimate success. As a collaborative partner, we offer impartial advice, guide, and transfer our skills to the client.

Our approach generates excitement within an organization and causes internal resources to change their focus, rather than requiring additional resources. This focused energy can then work directly towards achieving clearly established outcomes in a timely manner.

Our business development and marketing services increase the businesses presence in the marketplace, create “front of mind” sales, enhance customer loyalty, and strengthen brand reputation. All our activities are designed to increase cash flow, secure the existing client base, and achieve higher profits and/or sales. We make a businesses Internet presence stronger by optimizing existing websites to creating a new websites with our full-service website design and production services.

Our engagements are a minimum of six months, with a large part of our business being new projects with existing clients. We establish clear client goals and work against specific objectives with outcomes and timing, contributing to client success.

  • Brand Strategy 80% 80%
  • Internet Marketing 72% 72%
  • Training and Recruiting 77% 77%
  • Business Development 60% 60%
  • Brand Awarness 82% 82%
  • Customer Happiness 98% 98%

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