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What’s a job at Piedmont Avenue Consulting like? It’s a series of defining moments. Our environment encourages our people to perform to the best of their abilities in any situation by providing continuous challenges and the support to produce amazing results for our Clients. We heavily invest resources in recruitment and training because creative talent is so hard to find.

Are you a creative and results focused individual with the drive to be successful? Do you have the ability to motivate others to take action? Do you have a passion for improving yourself and our Clients? – Maybe working with us would be a good fit!

If you have significant experience in Marketing, Business Development, Restaurant Management, Graphic Design, Web Development or Technology Implementation please contact us and let us know how we may be able to collaborate or work together.

If you are looking for a comprehensive Internship Training Program in Marketing, Event Planning, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Graphic or Website Design, Business Operations, Project Management, etc. please apply via the links below which change over time as our needs change. Feel free to contact us if a position is NOT listed below that you are interested in.

Previous Team Members

Galina Yashchuk

Galina Yashchuk was in the Business Development and Marketing Coordinator role at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Galina assisted with business development, marketing and event promotion. She is interested in developing creative marketing strategies and seeing them become implemented and generating results. Galina received a B.A. in Communications from University of California San Diego.

Hannah Harrison

Hannah Harrison worked as a Junior Business Consultant and Project Manager at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Hannah assisted clients in managing projects and advising on marketing business strategies. Having extensively surveyed the Social Media realm, Hannah identifies creative solutions with the detailed action plan necessary for businesses to establish their online presence and increase growth. Hannah is currently a Regents’ and Chancellor’s Scholar at UC Berkeley.

Deidre Wright

Deidre Wright assisted with business, sales, and social media marketing strategies. She has a background in research and uses her skill set to produce greater results for our company and clients. Deidre is responsible for implementing and tracking the results of sales processes for leads generations, authoring blog articles, conducting marketing research, and implementing social media marketing campaigns. Deidre is fascinated by trends in communications, public relations, and marketing. She is interested in discovering how these trends are created and effectively utilized by diverse populations. Deidre received her B.A. in Sociology and Anthropology from Spelman College.

Caitlin Appert

Caitlin Appert served as a Public Relations and Marketing Associate at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Caitlin specializes in writing press releases, promotional material, blog posts and articles using traditional and new media channels. Caitlin is passionate about public relations, and using communications to produce results for companies, communities and efforts. Caitlin is a UC Berkeley graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in American Studies, Creative Writing.

Aylisha Mendes

Aylisha Mendes is a Project Manager at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Aylisha assists with managing client projects and proposals, event planning and is committed to creating effective marketing communications. She specializes in organizing complex projects by identifying, defining and achieving objectives while meeting project deadlines. Aylisha received a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University East Bay, specializing in marketing and corporate management. She enjoys live music, boxing and finding the perfect banana bread recipe.

Samantha Tien

Samantha Tien is a Business Development and Marketing Coordinator at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Samantha assists with sales support, marketing research, social media and event promotion. She contributes to the overall development and refinement of Piedmont Avenue Consulting’s vision to ensure business growth. Samantha is responsible for managing all sales processes for lead generations, qualify potential clients, and event planning. Samantha received a B.A. in Film and Digital Media from University of California Santa Cruz. Outside of Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Samantha enjoys watching romantic comedy films and eating new food.

Poyi Chen

Poyi Chen served as a Graphic Designer at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. Poyi specializes in designing graphic materials for both print and web projects for both small business as well as established corporate companies. Poyi has a passion in design and constantly find ways to improve his skill and creativity. Poyi is a UC Berkeley graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Art Practice.

Livia Isaacson

Livia Isaacson is an innovator known for creating and implementing all phases of public relations campaigns, Livia serves our clients by utilizing her knowledge in both traditional and new media. Livia received a BA in Communications from San Francisco State University and has since developed a reputation for bringing energy, personal integrity, and strong media knowledge to every task.

Brenda Liu

Brenda Liu was a Marketing Associate and Digital Media Coordinator at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. Brenda assists in digital media operations through search engine optimization, web content creation, email marketing, and social media. She enjoys finding ways to increase and promote user engagement and innovative event marketing. Brenda received a B.S. in Biopsychology from UC Santa Barbara with lab experience and coursework in Pharmacology, however, Brenda is more interested in learning how to leverage content to increase brand awareness.

Marc Martinez Casas

Marc Martinez Casas was a marketing and consultant summer intern. Marc is an international Marketing and Management graduate, experienced in the Restaurant, Hotels and Hospitality industry, in Marketing, Operations and Project Management. Marc main strengths were his strategic vision and his analytical skills combined with a result-oriented mindset. He was a great team player with the ability to get projects done by communicating and motivating those around him.