5 Top Japanese Franchise in the U.S.

With so many franchising opportunities in the U.S. A lot of traditional Japanese food in the U.S. is Americanized, hence Japanese Food became a popular cuisine in the U.S. From Nation’s Restaurant News recent data, it talks about how Asian flavors are continuing to be high in demand in the U.S. With more than 50% of American consumers want Asian-inspired dishes to be made in the U.S. There are many successful Japanese chain restaurant that bought every Americans keep coming back for more. Today, we are sharing some of the successful Japanese Chain Restaurant in the U.S.


Located in many places in U.S. and plans to open 300 more stores outside of Japan. This store specialized in Japanese style hakata tokatsu style ramen. Tonkatsu soup base are simmered from pork bone marrow they are rich, thick, and creamy. Ippudo also specialize in many of their small plates from pork buns, to chicken karage. If you haven’t been one catch them at 2015 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. Another store is located in San Francisco at Union Square, 18 Yerba Buena Ln, or more information at http://ippudo-us.com/



Popular for their udon noodles and tempuras, their dishes are prepared with noodles hand-pulled in an open kitchen. They are a fast casual restaurant and offer many choices from dry or soup, size portion, and toppings. Next, you can fill various tempuras in a plate. Last station will be the topping for your noodle and paying for your noodles. Marugame recently just opened in San Francisco, and often associate with long line of queues. Even, with the long line of queues it is worth the try locating at 3251 20th avenue, Space 184, San Francisco or more information at http://marugameudon.com



It was first opened at Osaka, Japan, and now there are more than 400 stores across the globes. Beard papa specializies in their puff pastry that are similars to eclairs and fondant cakes. Their menu for puff pastry only consist of 4 fillings; Vanilla, Chocolate, Green Tea, and Custard. Their puff fillings are light and fluffy, thus bring you to keep coming back for more. If you got the time look around for this store around your area, they located at the Westfield Mall, 845 Market St, San Francisco. Or you can find more location closer to you and information at http://www.beardpapa.com/about.html



This cheese bake tart you probably have seen somebody posting about this in social media. They recently just open in San Francisco, and specialize for their double baked crust and fluffy cheese mousse a perfect cheesecake texture, light and fluffy. Unusual but amazingly tasty comparing to the tart that we had before. The ratio of the tart and cream cheese is so well-balance, come and grab one if you can at 865 Market St, LL1, Ste 16, San Francisco more info at https://cheesetart.com


Looking for ways to Franchise a Japanese Restaurant in the U.S

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