Employee progression is what will help your business to grow successfully and retain its workforce. Caring about employee development means you’re paying attention to the needs and well-being of your staff, as well as ensuring the efficient future of your business.

Wondering how to help your employees progress? Here are five key ways:

Arrange Evaluations and Meetings

You can’t hope to help your employees progress in the right way if neither of you knows how to do so. One-to-one meetings, evaluations and appraisals are key for discussing feedback, relevant goals and what the next steps might be for any employee role within the business. Evaluations are important for employers to be able to guide their employees to better processes, and they’re key for employees as they can discuss any personal goals and future prospects.


Focus on Team Building

Employees will be able to develop better on both an individual and a team level if they’re working within a supportive environment. As a business owner, be sure to always create opportunities for team building exercises, and ways you can create a more supportive working environment. Team building doesn’t have to be big days out or dedicated weekends (though, of course, specific team building activities are always encouraged) but instead can be better practices and communication on a daily basis, like team meetings or sharing workloads.

Offer the Right Training and Courses for Development

One great way to help with employee progression is by offering the right training opportunities. Not only does this allow your employees to progress and benefit the skill set of the business, but it also helps your employees to feel cared for and appreciated, knowing that you are willing to invest in their development. Training and courses not only help your employees to advance, but also mean that your business benefits from new skills as a whole. For example, offering cloud computing courses for your tech team to ensure tech streamlining and security.

Incorporate Opportunities to Learn More About the Business Industry

Development doesn’t have to just be specific training or courses. Simply taking the time to create more opportunities for employee education can be a big help. If your business requires hands-on experience or is in an industry that requires trips like trade shows, then these are all opportunities for employees to learn more. Allow employees to attend trade shows, even as just a passive presence to watch and learn. Or maybe allow office employees to see how the manufacturing or warehouse side of your business works.

Have a Good Progression System in Place

Keeping track of progression is just as important as implementing it. You should have a good system in place, such as a schedule, reminders or spreadsheets, which outline the progression stages of each employee. This will help everyone to keep track of training records, deadlines, times for next appraisals and goals which need to be met.

This will help to stay organized and on target for all-important development.