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Basecamp HQ is an incredibly intuitive and easy to use online project management tool. It facilitates project collaboration, and here at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, it allows our team to stay on top of our many ongoing cooperative endeavors.

Here’s what we like best:

To-Do’s: A team member can add a To-Do item assigned to himself or any other team member. The task can include a due date, can be emailed to the designated employee or the entire group, and comments or files can be attached to each To-Do. Sync Basecamp with your [Google Apps] account, and create To-Do’s directly from your Google mailbox.

Time Tracking: Basecamp allows each team member to track the time they have spent working on a project or on a single To-Do item. It is then possible to run reports finding a wide array of results – track one employee’s time across all projects, the amount of time a group has put into a single project, or see how much time has been spent on a particular task such as blog writing, admin time, or the development of a single web page.

Writeboards: Every project includes a Writeboard, where files can be imported, and then any team member with access to that project can view and make edits or changes to that file directly in Basecamp without having to download and then re-upload the file. It is then simple to compare and contrast the current and previous versions of that file, so it is clear to see who made what changes and the original is never lost.

The Calendar: The calendar is a new feature to Basecamp, one we find far superior to Milestones, its previous incantation. The calendar allows your team to track the schedule of a project and plan out the stages and the roles and responsibilities of each collaborator along the way using a simple, graphic calendar format.

The Dashboard: The Dashboard acts as a home base or headquarters for each team member upon signing into Basecamp. From here you can easily view the latest developments across all projects, view all the To-Do’s assigned specifically to you, view the time you have tracked personally across all projects, and a calendar displaying all milestones and events related to you.

Basecamp is an excellent way for a team to manage projects and stay organized; its simple interface and design enable streamlined collaboration. If you are interested in trying out Basecamp for your organization check out the Free 30 Day Trial or feel free to contact us here at Piedmont Avenue Consulting.

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