Are you looking for a hospitality expert? Do you own a boutique hotel or a Bed & Breakfast in or around the San Francisco Bay Area? If so, look no further – We at Piedmont Avenue can come and meet with you in person.

What does a hospitality expert do? They work with Cabins, Inns, and Bed & Breakfasts to create brand identity and or business revenue.

Ways in which we at Piedmont Avenue Consulting can maximize your company’s business efforts:

• Hotel branding
• Social Media presence
• Website design and Call to Action efforts
• Increased SEO & brand awareness

A successful boutique hotel or Bed & Breakfast marketing strategy begins with a solid concept that is continually adjusted to meet the demands of the San Francisco Bay Area hospitality market. This often includes Social Media, Customer Loyalty programs and new technology to streamline operations.

A few of our favorite boutique hotels and Bed & Breakfasts in the SF Bay Area include:


The Claremont Resort & Spa
41 Tunnel Rd, Berkeley, CA 94705

The Brick Path Bed & Breakfast
1805 Marin Ave., Berkeley, CA

The Mary’s Bed & Breakfast
47 Alvarado Road, Berkeley, California

Initial Assessment:

For new and potential clients we first conduct an initial brief assessment interview, which covers the current business and marketing strategies, marketplace competitive analysis, social media presence score, and business specific assessments to determine the best services to improve client productivity, efficiency, and revenue immediately. This aids in the discovery process for both client and consultant.


• This process involves a minimum of one hour for pre-meeting research but may vary depending on the size of your business
• A questionnaire assessment filled by the potential client
• Interview meeting: Typically an hour and two hour in person for the exchange of information and discovery of new ideas.
• Brief phone call and email contact as needed during the process
• Review meeting; Typically an hour in person to provide focused feedback with quick-start ideas and a plan of action long term success.

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