Best Bay Area Chinese Restaurant

Chinese cuisine can be found everywhere in the world. In the Chinese culture, people often share food instead of ordering separate dishes for each person. Chinese food has so much variety in techniques and spices that each dish can be made in various ways. Hence, Chinese food has differentiated them differently from other cuisines.


1. Great China

Is a Northern Chinese style cooking, a Chinese restaurant that offers wine and spirits. Great China was rated in yelp with at least 1,700 reviews and was given a 4 star. Some of their highlights dishes will be the Peking duck, double skin, and preserved pork belly with pickled greens. If you do come down to try this restaurant, we recommend coming 30-45 mins earlier before it gets too crowded. Located at Downtown Berkeley, 2190 Bancroft Way. More information at

2. Shandong Restaurant

Shandong is a part of China province on the eastern edge of the North China Plain. The techniques of Shandong cuisine they are one of the eight culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine. Shandong cuisine focuses on 3 important factors that are light aroma, freshness, and rich taste. The must-have will be the Shandong dumplings, sesame paste noodles, and the hand-pulled noodles. If you are going down to look for an authentic Chinese food what more than to visit this restaurant. Located at Oakland Chinatown, 328 10th St, Ste 101 or more information at

3. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant

Looking for a new breakfast place that can spice up your morning, what is better than having dim sum in the morning. East Ocean Seafood Restaurant specializes in dim sum, dim sum is dishes that can be steam or fried savory dumpling containing many fillings. Sometimes, it can serve as snacks or main course depending on how you like it. Their highlight will be the tofu skin roll, deep fried shrimp balls, shrimp rice rolls, sticky rice lotus wrap, and many more. If you have not tried dim sum, this is a great restaurant option to know more about dim sum. Located at Alameda, CA, 1713 Webster St, more information at

 4. San Tung


Specialize in their garlic sauce chicken wings, black bean noodles, and the deep-fried pot stickers are to die for. In Yelp, San Tung has achieved over six thousand reviews with people keep coming back for more. From our experiences, when you do come to this Chinese restaurant it is not the only favorite among Chinese people but everyone of different race and color enjoys the crispiness of the chicken wings and the flavorful taste from their other dishes. If you are going down to San Francisco be sure to check them out located at 1031 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, more information can be found at

 5. Mandarin Roots


 Are you looking for something new in Chinese dishes, you come to the right place? Mandarin Roots expertise in Asian Fusion dishes, Asian fusion cuisine is a combination of different culinary traditions. Hence, you can definitely find something new in this restaurant. We highly recommend getting the garlic noodles, char siu sea bass, and mandarin ahi poke. Be sure to check if they are having a happy hour, get a bottle of Chinese beer or specialty cocktails. Located at 3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306, or more info at

Chinese cuisine is always a go-to restaurant for many people because of their rich flavors, a punch of umami spices. There is no better way than spending your weekend sleeping in and have a group of friends eating Chinese takeout at home. Make a reservation down to these restaurants for a group luncheon or dinner.

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