Digital Leadership: How to Become a Leader in the 21st Century

Engage Hospitality General Manager's Summit 2018
David Mitroff, Ph.D. spoke at Engage Hospitality’s General Manager’s Summit on June 14, 2018. The General Manager’s Summit is an opportunity to strengthen skills and abilities through workshops and collaboration. It is also a time to network with fellow General Managers throughout the Engage Hospitality Collection. At this event, David gave a presentation on Digital Leadership and How to become a leader in the 21st century.

What was Covered

Being a leader today means being a recognized brand both personally and professionally. Gain knowledge on how brands are built, what it takes to be seen as an expert, and how to leverage LinkedIn and other online technologies for success. Most importantly, learn ways to eliminate head trash that block people from becoming true leaders who inspire others. In addition, David Mitroff Ph.D. spoke about:


  • Digital Leadership Stories
  • When are you an Expert?
  • Common Traits of Leaders
  • Linkedin and Online Reputation
  • When are you a Leader?
  • Building Your Brand
  • Perception and VIP Experiences

Click here to view the presentation:

David Mitroff

David Mitroff

About the Speaker:

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder of Oakland based Piedmont Avenue Consulting through which he provides business consulting and marketing services to create brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and generate new opportunities. David works with a diversity of clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond such as restaurants and retail specialty stores, franchises, professional services firms, start-ups and individual entrepreneurs. He leverages his extensive professional and education background, including a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to motivate people to create change, while understanding the psychology behind business and marketing decisions. David is an active member, on the executive board, or advisory committees for several organizations. He continually collaborates with several consultant groups, merchant associations, and charities to best serve the community. David is a sought after speaker on a wide range of topics from Social Media to event marketing and through his consulting, lectures, trainings, and keynotes has educated more than 15,000 business owners.

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