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Hayward Restaurant Consulting

AHayward restaurant marketing strategies begin with a fundamental business plan and restaurant concept that is adjusted to meet the demands of the highly competitive San Francisco East Bay Area. Whether you are a restauranteur, franchise owner or owner of a professional service firm – any Hayward Business would benefit from a consultation with marketing expert and business consultant David Mitroff, Ph.D. Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. works with businesses to create and/or improve current marketing and business strategies. 
Restaurant Consultant David Mitroff, Ph.D. and His Story

Looking for advice on a new restaurant? existing restaurant? Thinking of opening a restaurant in Hayward? 

Contact us today to schedule a free consulting session to review how we may be able to help. Piedmont Avenue Consulting is a San Francisco Bay Area based boutique consulting firm who creates brand awareness, strengthens customer loyalty, and increases lead generation through leveraging new technologies and streamlining business processes. Looking for help to start a restaurant (creating business plans, looking for restaurant investors, find a San Francisco restaurant location…)? Looking to improve your existing San Francisco restaurant marketing and promotion (press release, social media, customer loyalty…)? Looking to promote a new concept or Menu? Looking to start a new bar program? Piedmont Avenue Consulting has a team of restaurant consultant and chef consultant ready to help you start, grow or expand your restaurant. Our restaurant consultant will help you with, but not limited to; Menu design, Operations, Staff Management, Kitchen Operations, Bar programs, Online Marketing, Website, Business Plan, Leasing, POS systems & Technologies and more. 

In addition, Piedmont Avenue Consulting partners with Architectures, Interior Designers, Web Designers and more to give you the options to create the restaurant you have envisioned. Would you like to learn more about our restaurant consultant experience, schedule a free consultation at info@piedmontave.com or call (510) 761-5895.

Restaurant Experience

Would you like to learn more about our experience working with restaurants? We have work with restaurants and restaurant franchises all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Here is a lit of some restaurants we have worked with. https://piedmontave.com/project/restaurant-marketing/

We have help our restaurant client with websites, catering, catering menu design, menu graphic design and more. Check some of our projects at https://piedmontave.com/project/branding-materials/

One of the best ways to find out effective marketing tools and ideas is to check out a neighboring business. Below is a list of some of our favorite, most sought-out restaurants in Hayward:

Acqua e Farina

22622 Main St, Hayward, CA 94541 

Chai Thai Noodles

20955 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541

Papaito Rotisserie

29007 Eden Landing Rd, Hayward, CA 94545

The Sister House

21851 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541


19740 Mission Blvd, Hayward, CA 94541


    Our Specialized Consultants

    David Mitroff

    David Mitroff

    David Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. David questions assumptions offers creative restaurant concept ideas and encourage new initiatives from strategy through implementation. David’s wealth of knowledge is transferred to clients leading to heightened sales, increased customer experiences, and enhanced relationship building techniques. David has an extensive educational background, in addition to professional sales training, which includes a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with coursework in Business Administration, Legal Studies, and Marketing providing a foundation for excellent critical and analytical thinking, business strategy, relationship building, and networking.
    Michele Durye

    Michele Durye

    Chef Restaurant Consultant

    Michele is a Restaurant Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. as well as a Chef and Restaurateur in the Bay Area. She has a background in owning and managing a restaurant, from the kitchen to the front of the house. In 2010 she founded Eleve2 Restaurant and Bar, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek. In 2015, she rebranded the business into Library on Main, while keeping the popular handcrafted cocktail program. Michele is familiar with the restaurant business operations as well as other areas of interests related to the food and beverage industry.
    Dylan Denicke

    Dylan Denicke

    Restaurant Consultant

    Dylan Denicke is a 15 year veteran of the Restaurant Industry.  In 2009 he founded Beast and the Hare, a full service California Meat-Forward restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco with his business partner Ian Marks. For four years they roasted whole animals, cured meats, and played host to neighborhood folks looking for a good night out.  The restaurant was sold in 2015, and Dylan started soon after working for David Mitroff at Piedmont Avenue Consulting as a restaurant consultant.  In his spare time he works in his wood and metal shop often doing projects for other friends in the creative and entrepreneurial fields.
    Cuong Du

    Cuong Du

    Restaurant & Bar Consultant

    Cuong is a Restaurant & Bar Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. He has a background in owning and managing restaurants and bars where he created bar programs, established restaurant and bar operations, and oversaw the front of the house. Cuong has also worked at numerous restaurants and bars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area such as Bar Agricole, Eleve, Pho 84, Library on Main, and Bourbon Highway. His work includes consulting with clients and hosting educational cocktail and wine tasting events. He enjoys training and teaching clients or the general public on a wide variety of culinary arts related topics.

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