Are you currently wondering about how to innovate your jet company with marketing strategies to promote your brand? In the aeronautic industry manufactures, airplane brokers, gulf stream dealers, and airline maintenance companies all have to understand ways to stay competitive to reach new heights. Innovative marketing and flights have more in common then we may think. Just like any flight that we embark on, we must always come up with a plan. We have to understand where we want to go, what does it take to get there, and how much fuel we will burn off. When flying an aircraft oftentimes pilots use autopilot to control the trajectory of an aircraft. It can take a lot of time and energy to run a marketing campaign just as flights there are platforms that can be used as an autopilot to conduct the campaigns while you sit in the cockpit to analyze the results. Just as the autopilot in an airplane the effectiveness of the features does not replace the human operators. Innovative marketing strategies are websites, email newsletters, and online social networks.


Creating an effective website is not a simple task but can be made easy with the right plan of action. Having a clear message will clearly define what you want to offer to those visiting the website. Providing links to your other pages shows visitors that you are connected all over the web by linking your social media sites. 



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Email Newsletters

Email newsletters allow you to have Two-way communication two allows you to have an easy way to communicate with visitors to leave feedback, ask questions, and converse on your website. 



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Social media

Social media is the biggest compensation for creating an online presence. It connects people to every aspect of life, personal, and professional. Social media is the online communication channel that allows for interaction, unique and personalized creations, content sharing, and partnership with people and businesses worldwide. 





At Piedmont Consulting Inc we provide streamlining marketing services Streamline Business Operations and processes by implementing Google Business Applications, Salesforce Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, Basecamp project management, and other new technology solutions into current business processes. Marketing Automation tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer can be used to set up ongoing marketing and business campaigns to increase efficiency and reliability. Feel free to visit our website at or give us a call at 510-761-5895.

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