Law Firm Business Growth Strategies

(A Practical Nine Step Guide to Digital Marketing for Legal Professionals )
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Law Firm Business Growth Strategies : A Practical Nine Step Guide to Digital Marketing for Legal Professionals

The average law firm has an online presence which does not represent their product or services accurately. Across all industries, regardless of firm size, I have found that developing an online presence is a key component in business growth and increase marketplace awareness.

Law Firm Business Growth Strategies is full of David Mitroff’s best business and marketing secrets that can be used to grow a law firm, along with materials from hundreds of keynotes, workshops and Law Firm MCLE’s that Dr. Mitroff has given on marketing, strategy, leadership, social media policies, customer loyalty and technology. How much easier would it be for your law firm to have a guide outlining the 9 key areas to follow to develop an online presence? In this book, readers will find out their current online presence score, receive practical examples to reach digital marketing success and uncover numerous free and paid tips and tricks that will help to create a dominating online presence. The higher your online presence score, the more successful your law firm practice will be. This book is designed to make an impact.

This book validates and provides practical examples from my consulting work with law firm to demonstrate the importance of creating an online presence by using Social Media and other online tools to leverage business development and marketing strategies. It depicts 9 Key Areas with proven results. People who have applied this system have grown brand awareness, strengthened customer loyalty and increased revenues.

Throughout this book you will hear me mention how fast technology platforms and tactics are changing. I cannot change the speed, however I am confident that I can make sense of online marketing technology and make it easier to manage and leverage. Technology, especially Social Media, is continually changing, making it nearly impossible to have a perfect online presence. However, my consulting firm, Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. (www. has scored and tracked hundreds of businesses to measure the strength of their online presence. We calculate an Online Presence Score for businesses to determine the impact of its online efforts and identify which areas are most effective and which could use the most improvement.

This Book on Digital Marketing for Legal Professionals shows you how to:

  • Learn tips and tricks to create a compelling online presence
  • Get practical examples to grow your online success
  • Evaluate the business of your competitors
  • Increase your online presence score
  • Use a clear scoring process to evaluate your online presence



Social Media Score Card

The Social Media Score is a method created by Piedmont Avenue Consulting in order to compare and rank a business’ or organizations’ standing in nine key areas that comprise Social Media.
Out of a maximum of 900 total possible points (100 maximum for each of the nine categories), we ascertain and score how effectively a business is utilizing the social media realm to leverage their visibility and ultimately, their success.

If you have a score of:
119 or below = POOR
Requires significant improvement

120-259 = FAIR
Needs to be developed further

260-449 = AVERAGE
In line with what most other companies are doing. As you can see, there is still immense room for improvement

430-549 = GOOD
You are above the curve

550 and up = EXCELLENT
You are among the very few who reach this level. Props to your business for taking advantage of Social Media and for developing your online presence

About Law Firm Business Growth Strategies Author

David Mitroff, Ph.D.

David Mitroff, Ph.D.

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. (, an Oakland, California based award winning business consulting and marketing firm with a proven track record of producing results. David is a sought-after speaker on a wide range of topics from social media to peak performance. Through his consulting, lectures, trainings and keynotes he has educated more than 35,000+ business owners. He has spoken at events all over the world including in Korea, China, and Turkey for organizations and companies including Google, AT&T and at prestigious conferences including Restaurant Executive Summit, Western Food Service Conference, HardwareCon and the Association of Defense Counsel. He enjoys traveling both Domestically (49/50 states) and Internationally (over 40 countries) to share his experiences and bring the world closer to Silicon Valley. He is a college instructor in Marketing and Entrepreneurship for the University of California at Berkeley International Diploma Program and a Google Mentor for the Google Developers Launchpad Accelerator. He has been featured as a business and media expert for NBC, ABC, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, The Meeting Professional, Hospitality Technology, California Lawyer and more.

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