Most Popular TV Stations
ESPN stands for Entertainment and Sports Network and was founded in 1979. Their range of sports-centered talk shows and live broadcasting making it one of the most-watched and successful channels. With the worth value of $25.6 billion, ESPN becomes the most valuable television network in the world.
TNT stands for The Turner Network Television. This station has a focus on drama in its television series and films although they also show professionals sports broadcasts. Their most popular TV shows include Law and Order, CSI, Supernatural and The Mentalist. TNT also included films from sister companies, such as, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures and other.
The Fox News Channel is own by the Fox Entertainment Group. Currently, they have the total number of 102 million subscribers in the United States and abroad. They air 15 hours of live shows per day and they are also carried by international counterparts including the Netherlands, New Zealand, Brazil and more.
TBS is owned by Time Warner. They are specialized in sitcoms and its own original comedies, such as, Cougar Town, Who Gets the Last Laugh and Sullivan and Son. Similar like TNT, TBS also included films from sister companies, such as New Line Cinema, Columbia Pictures, and others.
Even though this TV station targeted at pre-teens, young teens till 14, and preschoolers aged 2 to 6, this channel has a worth value of $9.3 billion. Not only Disney Channel, the sister companies, such as Disney XD (Extreme Digital) has also established counterparts abroad including countries like Hong Kong, Australia, the Middle East and others.
Their popularity and development are mostly due to original shows, including La Femme Nikita, Royal Pains and much more. The channel also airs Universal Studio movies as well as the Law and Order television series. Some countries like Brazil and Argentina also had their own USA Network channels.
MTV stands for Music Television. These television personalities known as video jockeys would host MTV’s shows, providing information on band and music. Today, they are no longer plays just music videos, but also other shows relation to pop culture, including reality shows and live concerts broadcast. MTV has become globally consumed such as in Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.
The Discovery channel has an audience of 1.5 billion subscribers with the worth value of $7 billion. They are showing an extensive array of non-fiction television shows. They also have some other brands include the Animal Planet, Discovery Fit and Health, Velocity, Destination America, The Learning Chanel and the Military Channel.
It has been rebranded to continue as another mainstream sports channel for its mother company, ESPN. It is also the home of ESPN for tennis coverage, which showcases the big tennis events on television, such as, Wimbledon, the US Open, the French Open and the Australian Open.
CNN stands for Cable News Network. It is the most widely distributed television news network, reaching viewers through the television and web as well as mobile streaming. Outside of United States, CNN is watched by mo9re than 260 million viewers. Their shows contain a variety of news programs, politics, world news, live interviews and many more.

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