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How much does it cost to open a restaurant business in the Bay Area?
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How much does it cost to open a restaurant business in the Bay Area?

Northern California Hospitality Consultant
It usually costs $500,000 to $650,000 to open a restaurant business in The San Francisco Bay Area. This budget seems a lot to new investors, however you will understand what it takes to spend this much after knowing the cost breakdowns. The budget can be broken down into four main parts:
Rent & Operations

A license, rent and utilities (Electricity, water, the Internet, and phone bills) are a must to opening a restaurant business. You would also have to pay a deposit when you have found a favorable location for your business. Your choice of location directly influences most of your spending. For example, opening a restaurant at popular or high-end restaurant neighborhoods such as the SF Embarcadero can lead to a higher rent than opening a restaurant in the Sunset District. The location and the store’s size as a result would influence your business decisions, like the quality and quantity of the kitchenware, utensils, and furniture, so as to cope with the locations and balance out your budget. Once these factors are sorted out, you would need to start constructing and decorating the store to build your own brand and attract customers.


Hiring a number of employees of different specialization can assist you in running your business smoothly. Acquiring payment technology (like PayPal and payment terminals) on the other hand makes transactions easier and systematically. Getting an insurance for your business and your employees is a way of keeping your store secure from the possible damages or injuries. It seems as if you are paying extra for nothing, but it could come in handy when accidents occur.



Food supply and worn out furniture are things to keep track on after the grand opening of your restaurant. A frequent stock check is needed to make sure you can keep running the business without shortage of any resources. Furniture and kitchenware may not run out as fast as food and utensils, but their conditions should be also recorded from time to time. (maybe add a paragraph on how sometimes you can find used kitchen appliance and give examples of website where to find them)

Marketing & PR Strategies

Designing a menu may be one of the first few things you do when you are planning to open a new restaurant. It takes a lot of effort to design and try out different menus before finalize the whole menu and signature dishes of your business. On top of that, a majority of new restaurants choose to organize promotional events during their soft-opening. Fliers, coupons and even discounts have to be printed and well-planned out. These promotions would put your brand out there may cost your business a good amount of money since

Organizing your budget and planning to open a restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area could be hectic to do it on your own. Employing a restaurant business consultant could help in managing all the costs and operations of your new or expanded restaurant business. A restaurant consultant can also identify the blind spots of your business plan and make your catering business successful. Restaurant consultant professionals’ advice and research will save you a lot of money from all the trial-and-errors you may encounter if you are new to opening restaurants.

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