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DAVID MITROFF, PH.D. Founder / Chief Consultant

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is the Founder and Chief Consultant at Piedmont Avenue Consulting. David questions assumptions, offers creative ideas and encourages new initiatives from strategy through implementation. David’s wealth of knowledge is transferred to clients leading to heightened sales, increased customer experiences, and enhanced relationship building techniques. David has an extensive educational background, in addition to professional sales training, which includes a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with coursework in Business Administration, Legal Studies, and Marketing providing a foundation for excellent critical and analytical thinking, business strategy, relationship building, and networking.

MOREA POLLET  Consultant

Moréa Pollet is a Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting. She is interested in developing creative systems and marketing strategies and seeing them become implemented and generating results. Moréa received a B.S. in International Business from both San Francisco State University and SKEMA Business School (France)studied. She believes in always learning and studied Product Management and Product Marketing at UC Berkeley Extension and more. Through her personal and professional experiences abroad, Moréa gained insights which allow her to be a more well-rounded business and marketing professional.

Morea Pollet

GABRIELE GRANDE-EDRALIN Marketing & Operations Manager

Gabriele Grande-Edralin is a Marketing and Operations Manager with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. She is a recent business graduate who concentrated in marketing and minored in statistics at the University of the Pacific. Gabriele is interested in developing creative and inventive strategies to help clients make smarter business decisions. Additionally, she is passionate about building relationships with businesses and individuals from different backgrounds to gain a better insight and understanding of those she works with. Gabriele is always seeking new opportunities that help her grow on a professional and personal level.

Sandra Chzhan International Marketing & Events Coordinator

Sandra Chzhan graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Business – Entrepreneurship from Washington State University. She was born in Kazakhstan, raised in China and lives in the USA. Her proficiency in Russian, Chinese (Mandarin), and English languages and cultures helps Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc with expanding internationally and working with clients to leverage their online presence and brand awareness globally. Sandra loves networking, meeting with clients and coming up with strategies that helps businesses grow. In addition, she is passionate about art and design, which makes her a competent marketing and events coordinator.

Sandra Chzhan

PATRICIA RODRIGUEZ Marketing & Events Coordinator

Patricia Rodriguez is a Marketing and Events Coordinator with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. She graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Management and completed her Master’s Degree in Urban Management in Bogotá, Colombia. Patricia is interested in increasing her knowledge and experience as a Key Account Manager, specifically with businesses and companies from the creative industry. Patricia constantly searches for challenges that take her to the next level both in her personally and professionally.

ANNE MCDONNELL  Communications Designer

Anne is a designer and illustrator with a passion for creating experiences. Working as a freelance artist for over ten years, some of her clients include General Motors Shanghai, San Francisco SPCA, and Panda Global Gaming. She is often volunteering as an artist for various wildlife community projects throughout the United States. When she is not experimenting with design, she is performing as a player for a San Francisco Dungeons and Dragons group weekly on Twitch. 

JACKEE LEE  Marketing & Events Coordinator

Jackee Lee is a recent graduate from UC Berkeley and now working as a Marketing and Event Coordinators with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. With an expertise in international relations, Jackee helps to connect businesses and individuals across multiple countries. In addition to marketing and event coordinating, she is interested in seeking innovative ways to help clients achieve their business goals. Jackee is continuously learning, as she believes that it will help her gain a stronger and well-rounded insight in growing as a business professional.  

JULIA LEE  Marketing & Events Coordinator

Julia Lee is a Marketing and Events Coordinator at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. She helps clients with their marketing strategy by leveraging previously untapped opportunities and data. Additionally, Julia’s expertise in social media has helped clients develop social media strategies and content to increase engagement and impressions online. Born and raised in Hong Kong, her international perspective helps clients connect with individuals and businesses globally. Julia is currently pursuing a B.A. in Economics as well as Chinese and Business Administration minors at Georgetown University. 

RUBY REALINO  Marketing Executive Assistant

Ruby Rosa Realino is a Marketing Executive Assistant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. With over 13 years of professional experience, she worked in multiple fields ranging from administration, marketing, sales, customer service, and project management. These experiences helped Ruby to become a well-rounded business professional, where she is able to tailor her skills to meet and exceed the expectations of clients. Ruby is eager to further improve her professional and personal knowledge and continuously looks for opportunities to learn and grow.

SHANNON NGO  Marketing & Events Coordinator

Shannon Ngo is a Marketing & Events Coordinator at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. She is currently pursuing a B.S at Bentley University located in Waltham, Massachusetts. At Bentley University, she is majoring in Marketing with a minor in Management and plays on the Women’s Varsity Volleyball team. Shannon continuously looks for opportunities to expand her knowledge on brand awareness and marketing to help businesses accomplish their business goals.

MARIA JOSÉ PUERTO  Marketing & Events Coordinator

Maria José Puerto is a business administrator that has dedicated several years of her life as an entrepreneur. She helped start and operate numerous businesses such as a boutique, a restaurant, a web page forum company, and a distribution company. This helped her learn every stage that a company experiences and it provided her a deeper understanding of what it takes to make companies successful. She currently works at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. as a Marketing and Events coordinator where she uses her knowledge and experience to help clients grow and succeed.

MADYSON MONTOYA  Marketing & Events Coordinator

Madyson Montoya is a Marketing and Events Coordinator at Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. She is pursuing a B.S. in journalism with a minor in public relations at San Jose State University. In addition to her studies, Madyson has been a member of the SJSU cheer team for the past four years and works as a managing editor for The Spear, SJSU’s sports publication. While she has gained experience in writing and broadcasting, Madyson is eager to learn more about public relations, brand awareness, and more in order to help clients grow their business and broaden her marketing and business development knowledge.

Antoine Casanava

JAMIR GRAHAM Marketing & Events Coordinator

Jamir Graham is a current student at Holy Names University, pursuing a B.A. in marketing and a minor in communications, and works for Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. as a Marketing and Events Coordinator. Jamir’s proactive attitude and eagerness to learn allows him to assist clients develop business growth and marketing strategies with lasting and favorable results. With a passion for analytics, Jamir also provides insight on correlations between dollars and top line growth to help clients make better business decisions. When he is not working on business development or marketing campaigns, he is volunteering in his community or serving as a horse-riding instructor.


GREG APPELHOF  Product and Retail Go To Market Consultant

Entrepreneurial, Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience leading emerging consumer technology companies on brand and sales strategies including capital raise, organizational development, and growth plans as CEO, President or SVP Sales and Marketing.

Consistent track record of discovering, developing and driving new business opportunities for manufacturers and retailers in consumer product goods industry. Executed strategies across multiple product categories including consumer products, computing, console and PC gaming, display technologies, smartphone accessories, health and fitness wearables, 3D printing and app based hardware.

BRUCE JOBSON  Human Resources Consultant

Bruce Jobson, MBA, SPHR is a versatile executive with extensive experience covering all aspects of human resources. He is a pragmatic leader with a proven ability to tackle challenges head-on and execute sound business decisions. Bruce’s passion is supporting small to mid-sized business to help them maximize their organizational and financial results through alignment of HR strategy, leadership, talent and processes. Bruce has led human resources functions with operations throughout the United States, Asia and Europe. During his career, he has worked with organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, the world’s largest beverage company and VWR International, LLC, a global laboratory supplier to the world’s top pharmaceutical and biotech firms. He earned his BS in Sociology from Western Michigan University and his MBA from the University of Phoenix School of Business. In addition, Bruce holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation through the HR Certification Institute.
Bruce Jobson

DREW AVERSA  Consultant

Drew Aversa was a paramedic/firefighter who found success in business – entrepreneur, SBE & FORTUNE 500 management, and transformational leader, Drew is dedicated to seeing others grow and taught college for ten years. Drew adds value to organizations by providing strategic counsel to C-level executives, program development, and organizational systems for leadership, sales, and team planning. In addition, Drew’s passion for health & wellness led him to be a registered yoga teacher & mindfulness practitioner


BRENDA PORTIER  Bookkeeper and Quickbooks Consultant

Brenda’s extensive background includes owning and running a construction company, along with providing finance and real estate business services. She makes the bookkeeping process as smooth as possible by being honest and reliable. Brenda helps our clients set up a business Quickbooks accounts, audit their books, conduct weekly and monthly bookkeeping, payroll and setting up methods to track and analyze sales, purchases, income, receipts and payments.


ERIK REESE  Restaurant Operations Consultant

Erik has years of background experience in restaurants and hospitality management. Over the years, he has built relationships with top Bay Area Hospitality companies such as Restaurant Design Concepts and MCG Inc. Erik has a partnership with restauranteurs, consultants, and contractors as he is passionate about creating and helping start restaurants in the Bay Area. He excels in finding great restaurant sites as well as knowing all the requirements needed to make a great restaurant.

MICHELE DURYE  Restaurant Consultant

Michele is a Restaurant Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. as well as a Chef and Restaurateur in the Bay Area. She has a background in owning and managing a restaurant, from the kitchen to the front of the house. In 2009 she founded Eleve Restaurant and Bar, a Vietnamese fusion restaurant in downtown Walnut Creek. In 2015, she rebranded the business into Library on Main, while keeping the popular handcrafted cocktail program. Michele is familiar with the restaurant business operations as well as other areas of interests related to the food and beverage industry.


Dylan Denicke is a 15 year veteran of the Restaurant Industry.  In 2009 he founded Beast and the Hare, a full service California Meat-Forward restaurant in the Mission District of San Francisco with his business partner Ian Marks. For four years they roasted whole animals, cured meats, and played host to neighborhood folks looking for a good night out.  The restaurant was sold in 2015, and Dylan started soon after working for David Mitroff at Piedmont Avenue Consulting as a restaurant consultant.  In his spare time he works in his wood and metal shop often doing projects for other friends in the creative and entrepreneurial fields.


CUONG DU  Restaurant & Bar Consultant

Cuong is a Restaurant & Bar Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc. He has a background in owning and managing restaurants and bars where he created bar programs, established restaurant and bar operations, and oversaw the front of the house. Cuong has also worked at numerous restaurants and bars throughout the San Francisco Bay Area such as Bar Agricole, Eleve, Pho 84, Library on Main, and Bourbon Highway. His work includes consulting with clients and hosting educational cocktail and wine tasting events. He enjoys training and teaching clients or the general public on a wide variety of culinary arts related topics.

GERA RIVKIN  Consultant

Gera is a strategic, visionary, and collaborative business leader who creates and executes strategies that achieve aggressive revenue and profit goals. He leverages his expertise of the full product life cycle to take innovative products from inception to global market success in highly competitive environments. Gera comes from a CPG background, Gera is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Analytical Skills, Sales, Retail, and Pricing Strategy. Prior to founding and being the Chief Executive Officer of 6 Pack Fitness, innovative, patented, meal management travel gear and accessories for athletes and fitness enthusiasts: Gera held positions as a Director of Brand Marketing for Zoom Eyeworks and Brand Manager at Lowepro. From his experiences, Gera has become a relationship builder who engages employees and outside stakeholders to identify and go after profitable opportunities.

Gera Rivkin
Antoine Casanava

ANTOINE CASANAVA Luxury Distribution Consultant

Antoine Casanave is a Luxury Goods and Distributor Consultant. Antoine has years of experience building brands and relationships in the wine, spirits and luxury goods industries. Antoine leverages his extensive network of contacts and experiences to build brand’s strategic partnerships, sponsorships, and event portfolio to grow market awareness. Antoine promotes products at some of the most prestigious events and award shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. He excels at business development through partnering clients with the industry leaders they are looking to reach.

BABA AFOLABI  Consultant

Baba is a passionate, experienced business advisor with extensive experience in multiple industries with an MBA in Business Administration. As a business development strategist who has directed and led small businesses, he is highly motivated to help people grow their businesses by using creative and competitive strategies to achieve sustainability and economic growth. His background includes starting and running a clothing company for over 5, starting and developing Kickstarter campaigns and social media strategies, and owning food tech company that delivers African food.

Gera Rivkin

ANAND PATEL  Hospitality Consultant, Hotelier

Anand Patel is a Hospitality Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting, Inc., as well as a Hotelier in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has also served on the advisory board of several hotel organizations and owned and managed properties in other markets including Orlando, Florida. Anand is familiar with the trends regarding expansion & growth for hotel businesses as well as issues related to the hospitality industry.

RONALD YEE, D.D.S.  Consultant

Ronald Yee is a Dental Consultant with Piedmont Avenue Consulting. For more than 25 years, Ronald has been assisting dentists in managing their practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. He helps guide better dental practice, reignite your passion for dentistry, and increases your dental profits through efficient management, clinical, and financial systems, and to a more fulfilling life with your family. Ronald has extensive knowledge in practice management, finance, and advanced clinical training  for private dental practices as well as issues related to the dentistry industry. 

Morea Pollet
piedmont consulting summer intern
Desiree Rosete

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